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Memento: A Spellbinding Set List From Bewitcher

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Bewitcher’s frontman, Unholy Weaver of Shadows & Incantations

Bewitcher, Portland’s most scintillating speed-metal band since Toxic Holocaust, blew the garage doors off the Shredder in Boise once again on Friday night. It was an exhilarating set played by the band that played the same venue with Nile in mid-April, and with Exhumed and Creeping Death in November 2021.

The 50-or-so attendees danced and rubbed knocked elbows during each song, before and after which Bewitcher’s gracious frontman — who goes by the tough-to-memorize moniker Unholy Weaver of Shadows & Incantations — frequently expressed his appreciation for the crowd.

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Memento: Winterlings’ Autumn Harvest

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 09/23/2010 by korzeck

The Winterlings – a self-described “nocturnal alternative-folk band” – recently reached out to the Bad Penny with some thought-provoking pictures that warrant another installment in our ongoing “Memento” series. And with the fall having just arrived and Halloween around the corner, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Continue reading

Memento: Geronimo! And Baby Jingles

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 06/14/2010 by korzeck

Memo to Cheap Trick: You’re not the only worthy band from Rockford, Illinois. In fact, sooner than later, you might have some serious competition. Continue reading

Memento: Research Society’s ‘2001’ Obsession, Lego’d

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 02/12/2010 by korzeck

While modern indie-rockers Research Society are still green around the ears, having formed only a few years ago, they were born and bred on ’90s music. Founders Namky and G Mann bonded over their love of guitar-based bands like Soundgarden and Blur, and incepted a project that would also incorporate electronic elements, hip-hop and beyond. Continue reading

Memento: A Card From Wanda Jackson – And A Matchbook Too

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 01/30/2010 by korzeck

As you can probably tell from this Wanda Jackson story and this Wanda Jackson interview, she’s as sweet as she is legendary. Above is a handwritten card she sent me, followed me the envelope that contained it; plus a promotional matchbook her label, CMT, made around the time of 2003’s Heart Trouble. Continue reading

Memento: Branden Daniel’s Amazing Technisound Dream Vest

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 01/26/2010 by korzeck

The latest installment in a series of “postcards” from bands on the edge comes courtesy one Branden Daniel and his chicks. Stet that: Chics. Continue reading

Memento: The Moog’s ‘Special’ Hairspray

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 01/23/2010 by korzeck

Here’s the first Bad Penny installment in an artist-centric series in which musicians pass along objects of importance – or unimportance – and, in particularly fortuitous situations, dish a little about them too. Continue reading

Memento: Salme Dahlstrom’s Coffee Overload

Posted in Features, Mementos with tags on 01/23/2010 by korzeck

Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes, but Salme Dahlstrom’s might explain why she’s as hyper as she can be at times, like in this picture. Continue reading

Memento: I Get Buttons

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An assortment of buttons I’ve received from publicists – or found or bought – over the years.

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