Memento: Research Society’s ‘2001’ Obsession, Lego’d

While modern indie-rockers Research Society are still green around the ears, having formed only a few years ago, they were born and bred on ’90s music. Founders Namky and G Mann bonded over their love of guitar-based bands like Soundgarden and Blur, and incepted a project that would also incorporate electronic elements, hip-hop and beyond.

Far beyond, in fact. Along with their wide array of musical influences, the band – rounded out by drummer Danita Clark – has also reached into the outer galaxies of the film universe for inspiration. Case in point: Namky’s obsession with Stanley Kubrick’s timeless “2001: A Space Odyssey.” No, you won’t likely hear Research Society covering “Thus Spake Zarathustra” anytime soon, but well-trained ears might pick up a sci-fi strain or two in the band’s sound after hearing what Namky recently told the Bad Penny:

“Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite filmmakers, and a big influence on me in terms of style and storytelling,” he said. ” ‘2001’ is my favorite Kubrick movie, and I probably watch it at least 5 times a year. The band likes to infuse some sci-fi elements when we work on lyrics. We tend to express ourselves in visual terms when we’re working on music, and fairly often we’ll make a sci-fi reference as shorthand for a sound or style we’re going for.”

In the spirit of depicting his obsession – and contributing to the Bad Penny’s ongoing “Memento” series, Namky sent along this precious “2001” collectible he keeps within his orbit:

Examine the Research Society when they play Mr. T’s Bowl in Los Angeles on February 19. Doors are at 9.

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3 Responses to “Memento: Research Society’s ‘2001’ Obsession, Lego’d”

  1. Good thing Namky doesn’t sing like HAL.

  2. Building upon the influence “2001: A Space Odyssey” has had upon our band, “TMA-1” was an early potential name we considered. As cool as it is, we thought it was a little too specific and literal for a band name.

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