Memento: The Moog’s ‘Special’ Hairspray

Here’s the first Bad Penny installment in an artist-centric series in which musicians pass along objects of importance – or unimportance – and, in particularly fortuitous situations, dish a little about them too. Csaba “The Lion” Szabó, bassist for the Moog, got the idea and did it up right with a pretty hilarious picture and note about a rare “masterpiece” of Hungarian culture. He gets an assist from bandmate Tonyo Szabó, who sings and plays keyboard in the band – and has no relation to Csaba, according to his gentle reminder.

“The WU2 hairspray – besides the company’s many other products – is one of the masterpieces of socialist Hungary’s beauty factory.

“At its peak (from the ’60s till the ’80s), WU2 was the most popular hair care product manufacturer, but nowadays the bright, easily recognizable yellow packaging and the logo are even more nostalgic, and not a current or hip thing. I still use WU2 but these days I tend to prefer Schwarzkopf Drei Wetter Taft – it is pure Deutsch quality.

“Oh, and Tonyo and I are not related. Szabó  is one of the most common last names in Hungary, like Smith or Perez in the US.”

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