Memento: Branden Daniel’s Amazing Technisound Dream Vest

The latest installment in a series of “postcards” from bands on the edge comes courtesy one Branden Daniel and his chicks. Stet that: Chics.

Championed by Seattle’s ever-trustworthy Stranger, homeboy Daniel is a rock ‘n’ roll purist with a reliable streak of humor (not unlike this guy). Prior to hooking up with the Chics, he was backed by Everybody Gets Laid.

Daniel and his harem have been hitting the pavement as of late, still spreading the word about last year’s self-titled EP, which was released by Flotation. But he stumbled across the Bad Penny and was kind enough to drop a “Memento” to add to the collection (feel free to say hello and do the same).

If you’re free in L.A. Friday night, catch Branden Daniel & the Chics at the Redwood. Or if you’re within spitting range of Monterey the night after that, they’ll be showing their shadows at Jose’s Underground Lounge.

Till then, here’s what Branden Daniel sent along:

[I got] this suede Vest … at our friends Vintage shop called Prototype while on tour this summer in Austin Texas. It was a bit pricey, but so damn “Chic” and even musical with it’s bone-bead tassels jangling like wind chimes when you walk or shimmy.

Apparently it was such a beloved piece by the woman who run the shop that they immediately started grieving it’s sale as I bought it. I told them they should take a picture of the vest and hang it on the wall. They told me they’d rather have one of me performing in it. I’m still yet to make good on that promise BUT I did send them this picture which was taken in front of our friend’s pool in Dallas while playing their the next night:

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One Response to “Memento: Branden Daniel’s Amazing Technisound Dream Vest”

  1. Great photo Branden!!

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