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Exclusive Premiere: of persephone’s ‘Rainbow Road’

Posted in Exclusives with tags on 03/20/2023 by korzeck

At the end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold. So legend goes, at least. What we can say with certainty is that “Rainbow Road,” a rousing new song by siren rock project of persephone, sounds downright golden.

With chanteuse Sarah Rae’s high-octave vocals leading the charge, the song is a galloping adventure into fuzzy, upbeat indie pop. It’s a dreamy excursion that, at less than two and a half minutes, leaves you wishing the track wouldn’t end. The Bad Penny is honored to exclusively premiere it today.

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Video Premiere: Four Star Riot’s ‘Adding It Up’

Posted in Exclusives with tags on 02/03/2023 by korzeck

Twenty years after their formation, Tampa, Florida’s Four Star Riot are rising up again with the infectious new song and hypnotic video for “Adding It Up.” Even more exciting, it’s the harbinger of things to come, with Four Star Riot announcing that they’ll deliver a new album in the spring.

“Adding It Up” swirls together the strongest aspects of the alt-rock band: its catchy rhythms, jangly melody and laid-back style. The song is the best anthem for indie-rock sleepyheads so far this year. The melancholic, narcotic song is particular well-suited for fans of Ride and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

“It’s a culmination of our influences over the years,” frontman Steve Alex told the Bad Penny of the new track.

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Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Thinkin’ About You’ by Joshua Lewis

Posted in Exclusives with tags on 10/25/2022 by korzeck

For 10 years, music engineer Joshua Lewis twiddled the knobs in recording studios, helping Boise artists bring their songs to fruition. But last year, he finally walked around the soundboards and began recording his own music.

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Exclusive: Cloak Finish Recording ‘Faster, Harder’ Third LP; Debut New Song Live

Posted in Exclusives, Interviews with tags , on 06/30/2022 by korzeck

Summer generally leads to an absence of black in Boise. Black clothes are stowed away in closets. Black cars stay parked in garages. Even the black of night lasts fewer than eight hours. But tonight, two of the most hottest heavy-metal bands currently on tour in the U.S. — Cloak and Bewitcher — will paint the city black. Their co-headlining gig at underground venue the Shredder on Friday night is poised to be the most potent metal concert in Boise for the next two months.

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Exclusive: Monster Magnet Drop Off Psycho Fest 2022; Satyricon’s Status Unknown

Posted in Exclusives with tags , , , , , on 06/03/2022 by korzeck
Monster Magnet

Since relocating from the City of Angels to Sin City in 2016, Psycho Las Vegas continues to be the premier crossover music festival in the U.S., attracting heavy-rock bands, indie-pop luminaries, punk legends, rap royalty and even a few DJs for good measure. Levitate and Oblivion Access (both held in Austin) are close behind Psycho but aren’t yet running the asylum, so to speak.

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Exclusive: Orchestra Gold Returning to Boise for Great Garden Escape

Posted in Exclusives, Interviews with tags , , , on 05/10/2022 by korzeck
Erich Huffaker and Mariam Diakité of Orchestra Gold

African psychedelic-rock combo and Treefort Festival 2021 participants Orchestra Gold are coming back to Boise next month for a plum gig at the Idaho Botanical Garden’s Great Garden Escape series, the Bad Penny exclusively announces today. The concert will take place June 30 at the Meditation Garden, as part of a lineup that also includes Afrosonics and Hillfolk Noir.

Led by Malian singer and dancer Mariam Diakité and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Erich Huffaker, the Oakland-based Orchestra Gold channel old-school folkloric music from Mali. More specifically, the band describes its sound “horn-driven rhythmic ‘orchestra’ music from ’70s-era Mali, West Africa, with a contemporary twist: analog psych-rock fused with Malian folklore.”

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Bad Penny Exclusive: An Expo Download – And John Lane’s Brushes With Greatness

Posted in Brushes With Greatness, Exclusives, Features, MP3s with tags , , on 10/08/2010 by korzeck

The Bad Penny has had a hell of a week. From exclusives courtesy of the Pinx and ex-Red House Painters/ current Desertshore guitarist Phil Carney to creative feature submissions crafted by Mike Watt, Kathryn Williams, Humanfly and Campfire OK, there’s been plenty to munch on. As if that weren’t enough, here’s yet another Bad Penny exclusive, coupled with yet another new Bad Penny feature. Equally cool, this piece – Brushes With Greatness – was actually conceived by, not proposed to, the musician in question: Expo’s John Lane. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Download: Pinx’s ‘Say When’

Posted in Exclusives, MP3s with tags , , on 10/05/2010 by korzeck

Atlanta’s the Pinx are red-hot lately, having just cranked out two new releases. Lucky for you, dear reader, today you get to hear a slice that appears on both of them – and is available as a free download exclusively on the Bad Penny. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive: Ex-Red House Painters Guitarist Phil Carney Gives First-Ever Interview, Premieres Desertshore MP3

Posted in Exclusives, Interviews, MP3s with tags , , , , , , , , on 10/04/2010 by korzeck

Phil Carney is no stranger to music. The gifted guitarist has performed in a handful of bands, including Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and his latest venture, Desertshore. He’s toured around the world – Japan, Australia, all over Europe – with his good buddy Mark Kozelek. And he has written many, many songs.

But Phil Carney is a stranger to music interviews. Prior to Friday afternoon, when he spoke at length with the Bad Penny, he had never given one before. But now he has, and here it is. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Download: Blue Skies For Black Hearts’ ‘Dirty Water’ Cover

Posted in Exclusives, MP3s with tags , on 10/01/2010 by korzeck

In recent years, it’s been rare that October begins with Red Sox fans in mourning. But such is the case in 2010: On Tuesday night, the last flicker of hope went out for the team this season as it was officially eliminated from playoff contention. As a condolence for the team’s injurious year, here’s a previously unreleased cover of the song that is played at Fenway Park when they win. Continue reading