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Bad Penny Exclusive: An Expo Download – And John Lane’s Brushes With Greatness

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The Bad Penny has had a hell of a week. From exclusives courtesy of the Pinx and ex-Red House Painters/ current Desertshore guitarist Phil Carney to creative feature submissions crafted by Mike Watt, Kathryn Williams, Humanfly and Campfire OK, there’s been plenty to munch on. As if that weren’t enough, here’s yet another Bad Penny exclusive, coupled with yet another new Bad Penny feature. Equally cool, this piece – Brushes With Greatness – was actually conceived by, not proposed to, the musician in question: Expo’s John Lane. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Download: Pinx’s ‘Say When’

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Atlanta’s the Pinx are red-hot lately, having just cranked out two new releases. Lucky for you, dear reader, today you get to hear a slice that appears on both of them – and is available as a free download exclusively on the Bad Penny. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive: Ex-Red House Painters Guitarist Phil Carney Gives First-Ever Interview, Premieres Desertshore MP3

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Phil Carney is no stranger to music. The gifted guitarist has performed in a handful of bands, including Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and his latest venture, Desertshore. He’s toured around the world – Japan, Australia, all over Europe – with his good buddy Mark Kozelek. And he has written many, many songs.

But Phil Carney is a stranger to music interviews. Prior to Friday afternoon, when he spoke at length with the Bad Penny, he had never given one before. But now he has, and here it is. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Download: Blue Skies For Black Hearts’ ‘Dirty Water’ Cover

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In recent years, it’s been rare that October begins with Red Sox fans in mourning. But such is the case in 2010: On Tuesday night, the last flicker of hope went out for the team this season as it was officially eliminated from playoff contention. As a condolence for the team’s injurious year, here’s a previously unreleased cover of the song that is played at Fenway Park when they win. Continue reading

Cover Me: Research Society’s Best Of Seven EP (Exclusive MP3 Download Included)

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Research Society took an innovative approach to participating in the Bad Penny’s ongoing “Cover Me” series: Rather than let one bandmember do all the talking, co-songwriters Namky (vocals, rhythm guitar, programming) and G Mann (lead guitar, bass, backing vocals, programming) had a lil’ dialogue. Here’s what the indie-rock band – which hails from Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood – dreamed up for its new Best of Seven EP – along with an exclusive download song from it. Continue reading

Meet And Greet Danny Ross; Download Exclusive MP3s

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When I caught up with Danny Ross in late August 2009, he was trying to get his feet wet – but not in the literal sense.

“It’s been rainy, uncharacteristically rainy, the last two months” in New York, he said.

A little over a year later, the singer/pianist/multi-instrumentalist/composer has gotten them more than just a little wet. Ross is now fully drenched in music accolades, and on Saturday night, he headlines a show at NYC’s prestigious Mercury Lounge. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Premiere: TV Buddhas’ Third Vlog

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Bad shows are a dime a dozen. But it doesn’t get much worse than TV Buddhas’ recent gig-that-wasn’t in New Orleans: When they showed up, the venue didn’t even know a concert was scheduled. Watch all the gory details about that incident and beyond in the third installment of the Israeli band’s tour vlog, which is premiering exclusively on the Bad Penny. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive Song Premiere: Cassorla’s ‘My Tree’

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Cassorla – an indie-rock band with jazz and soul tendencies – should probably be named “Cassor-pa-ny-la”: They call Los Angeles home these days but were born in North Philadelphia, and dwelled for a spell in Bed-Stuy and Brooklyn in between. Continue reading

Bad Penny Exclusive: The New Loud Pick Their Favorite David Lynch Films

Posted in Exclusives, Features with tags on 06/28/2010 by kurtorzeck

Angelo Badalamenti. Chris Isaak. Julee Cruise. To David Lynch fans, music is as integral to films like “Blue Velvet,” “Wild at Heart” and “Twin Peaks” as Nitrous Oxide was to Frank Booth. Continue reading