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Getting To Know Mark Lanegan

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Mark Lanegan wears all 40 years of his life on his face. His skin, once puffed in that Tom Waits sort of way, is now ironed out into a smooth sheet. His thin amber eyes pierce his surroundings with a devastating gravity. Even his thick maroon mane, which spikes out beneath a nondescript black hat, seems to be spun by the hands of time, hammered by hard living.

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Nick Cave: Saint Nicholas And The Nocturnal Muse

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“Will someone give this guy an Oscar already?” It’s a question Nick Cave fans must be asking these days. No, not in regards to the wiry legend’s acting skills, although he has popped up on the big screen a few times. Rather, what many argue Cave merits is at least a nomination for the ace work he’s done crafting soundtracks, especially in recent years. Continue reading

Best Albums Of 2000

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1. Queens of the Stone AgeRated R (Interscope): Heavyweights in their own right, QOTSA are the closest thing we have to Nirvana right now.
2. PJ HarveyStories From the City, Stories From the Sea (Island): If she goes on for as long and as strong as Tina Turner has, I’ll die a happy man. Continue reading