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The French Tips: Flipside Fest Pick of the Day

Posted in Interviews with tags on 09/25/2022 by kurtorzeck

Can you remember the best time in your life? Like, really remember it — the sensory experience, how it affected you emotionally, the “belly feeling” (as Wend’s Riley Johnson calls it). Is the part of your life so vivid in your mind that, closing your eyes, you can mentally transport yourself back in time to relive that experience again?

Right now, as you read this, tens or hundreds of thousands of people — or maybe millions (but probably not billions) — are enjoying not just the best time of their life so far, but maybe the best time they’ll ever have. It’s a good thing we humans can’t see into the future, because we’d obsess over the clock ticking down till the moment our life ends.

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Wend: Flipside Fest Pick of the Day

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Wend (photo credit: Lila Ray)

The must-see band today, the second day of the inaugural Flipside Fest in Garden City, is actually one of the first scheduled to play. In a city with many promising bands, Wend are one of the most ambitious — and riveting.

While early in the day, Wend’s Main Stage slotting speaks volumes about a band that hasn’t yet produced a full-length. Curious music nerds looking for a point of reference might consider Rachel’s, the chamber music band from Kentucky that rode the rise of underground post-rock popularity with Quarterstick Records bandmates June of 44 and Shipping News.

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L’Éclair: Flipside Fest Pick of the Day

Posted in Interviews with tags , , on 09/23/2022 by kurtorzeck

Treefort is, hands-down, Boise’s premiere music event. But once it’s over in the spring, a “long winter” of music inactivity ensues in the City of Trees. The biggest contributing factor is that Boise isn’t on the radar for most touring bands.

Enter Flipside Fest, a new three-day music event starting from today and ending Sunday in Garden City, which is next door to Boise. The team that runs Treefort Music Fest — which is trying to set up a new venue in downtown Boise — organized this shindig as well. 

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Mantar: Making New LP Was A Nightmare

Posted in Interviews with tags on 09/01/2022 by kurtorzeck

Ten years into their career, the German two-piece are marauding back with a new slab of sludge, black metal and melodic doom. It’s a gem of a record, even if they admit that “recording this album was no fun. It completely blew and sucked through and through.”

Read my full Mantar profile as it appears in the new issue of New Noise, which just hit stands.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: The Wild Ones

Posted in Interviews with tags , , , on 08/28/2022 by kurtorzeck
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Today we take a brief respite from heralding the posse of promising artists emerging post-COVID in not just the U.S. but across the world. Have no fear: We’ll get back to the up-and-comers soon enough. But for now, The Bad Penny is taking a breather and dusting off a hard-to-find yet epic conversation with the legendary Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

We’re rolling out the exhaustive interview shortly before one of San Francisco’s most iconic garage/psych bands celebrates it 25th anniversary next year. Buckle up: This cover story from the May/June 2002 issue of Amplifier is one of the more comprehensive accounts of BRMC that you’ll find anywhere.

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Creeping Death: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

Posted in Interviews with tags , , on 08/09/2022 by kurtorzeck

It was 3 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, the last day of Psycho Las Vegas 2021, at the House of Blues. Day Three of America’s best heavy-rock event (Day Four if you include Thursday’s kick-off pool party) often finds festival-goers picking crust out of their eyes and sipping beers with shaky hands as they brave through the finale.

Such was the case on this day — but, with the venue full to the brim, astute patrons noticed an undercurrent of anticipation that signals something special is about to go down.

Any music fan who has witnessed a show that puts over a band knows this sensation. Like an aroma guaranteeing a meal is going to deliver even before the first bite, the feeling of a band about to break is as tangible as it is undeniable.

With that, a band from Dallas called Creeping Death tore it up at the House of Blues, spewing forth a concoction of death and thrash metal that left the bleary-eyed attendees shellshocked and hungry for more.

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Marissa Nadler: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

Posted in Interviews with tags , , , on 08/03/2022 by kurtorzeck

“Heavy music can be soft too, and that’s where I come in.”

With that succinct sentence, Marissa Nadler summed up to The Bad Penny what attendees of Psycho Las Vegas 2022 should expect from her Friday performance at the festival. While set times are not yet publicly available, her celestial singing is sure to provide respite to those who risk going deaf at the ear-shattering performances by Emperor, Carcass and Mayhem. And yet, she is a logical fit for a festival featuring artists who challenges themselves and their audiences alike.

Mind you, Nadler is so much more than just an anomalous addition to a festival geared toward music of … let’s say, “the heavier variety.” As she explained in an interview last week, the dark themes in her songs have a great deal in common with those topics upon by most bands on Psycho’s bill. If that weren’t enough, Nadler — who is probably too humble to admit it herself — carries more collaborative bonafides than arguably about any other participating artist. To name just a few, she has teamed with Xasthur, Mercury Rev, Emily Jane White, Okkervil River, Ben Watt, Lushlife … and if you think that short list is impressive, take a gander at the litany of tribute albums on which she has appeared.

As gracious, kind and joyful as they come, Nadler carved out some time to talk with us about her long-awaited, very first appearance at Psycho Las Vegas in just over a couple of weeks. The conversation went a little something like this.

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Whores: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

Posted in Interviews with tags , , , on 08/02/2022 by kurtorzeck

Originating in the ATL in 2010, Whores’ inclusion in Psycho Las Vegas 2022 is a long time in the waiting. The trio are not as devoted to metal as most of Psycho’s crowd — they’re proud of their punk-rock bonafides — but they’ll fit in quite nicely.

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Rifflord: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Everyone planning to attend Psycho Las Vegas later this month is, naturally, expecting to swelter in the desert heat. But festival goers seeking one of the most scorching but under-the-radar sets would be remiss to miss the almighty Rifflord, the ultimate “band’s band.”

With their four band members living in three states, most of them many hours away from each other, they were accustomed to surviving as a band without the luxury of meeting up at a rehearsal space in the same city. By the time COVID hit, Rifflord had already mastered the ability to work remotely.

Rifflord’s show will be unique in that the members of the blistering heavy-rock gang reside in three states. Even more outlandish (pun intended), guitarist/vocalist Wyatt Bartlett lives in a teeny-tiny town in rural South Dakota, where he owns a successful painting business and enjoys a simple life. From that small town, Bartlett has successfully managed to keep Rifflord afloat since 2007.

After years of pining to participate at Psycho Las Vegas 2022, Rifflord will play at the festival’s kickoff pool party on Thursday, August 18, then again on Saturday two days later. You can probably infer what they sound like, at least to a degree, simply from the band’s overtly descriptive name. But theirs won’t be a run-of-the-mill desert-rock shows … Bartlett recently told The Bad Penny exactly why.

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Mizmor: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

Posted in Interviews with tags , , , , on 07/31/2022 by kurtorzeck

Anniversaries will abound at Psycho Las Vegas 2022 when it upends the city next month. But one of the quieter celebrations will be the 10-year birthday of Mizmor, a one-man black-metal project that multi-instrumentalist A.L.N. founded in Portland, Oregon, well … 10 years ago.

After breaking free from the shackles of religious confinement he found in the state’s capitol of Salem, A.L.N. set up camp about an hour north. Currently, he records in a studio located in a house he bought last year with his partner. While he enjoys the comfort and solitude of creating his art at home, he is — like the myriad bands with which The Bad Penny is chatting lately — gearing up for the mecca of overstimulation and debauchery that is Psycho Las Vegas.

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