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Best Albums Of 2002

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1. Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf (Interscope)
2. Bill HicksFlying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 – Pittsburgh ’91 and Love, Laughter & Truth reissues (Rykodisc) Continue reading

Dead Meadow: Tweaked ‘Kings’

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With Dead Meadow having recently announced the March 23 release of their Three Kings CD/DVD – a multimedia package combining new studio material and live songs – here’s a look back at a hard-to-find 2003 interview with Steve Kille, Jason Simon and Stephen McCarty. Continue reading

Isis’ Aaron Turner In ’02: Oceanic Is ‘The Best Material We’ve Ever Written’

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Last week saw the publish of a post drawing possible connections between what many consider to be Isis’ ultimate masterpiece, Oceanic, and one of the most important novels to come out of the 20th century, Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.” Keeping the Oceanic momentum going, here’s an interview I conducted with the band in October 2002, just weeks after the album came out. Continue reading

Meet And Greet: Double Dagger

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Baltimore officials call it the “Greatest City in America.”

Some residents think otherwise.

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Meet And Greet: Cougar

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Cougar want to be clear: In choosing their moniker, the last thing the Midwestern instrumentalists wanted was for people to think of older divorcées hunting for young men. Continue reading