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Muse, Sigh, Becoming the Archetype: Best New Releases

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Hop over to New Noise to check out our favorite new releases that just dropped.

New Music Releases Schedule 2022

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Ancient North – Gates 

Blind Guardian – God Machine 

Bring Me the Horizon – Post Human II EP

Creature Canyon – Remarks

Ensaguinate – Eldritch Anatomy

Epica – Consign to Oblivion, Phantom Agony and Score reissues

Front Bottoms – Theresa EP

Hu – Rumble of Thunder

John McCutcheon – Leap!

King’s X – Three Sides of One

Kris Kristofferson – Live at Gilley’s

Max Gowan – Glossolalia

Megadeth – Sick, Dying … Dead!

Parker Gispert (Whigs) – Golden Years

Rina Sawayama – Hold the Girl

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra – Popular Culture (Community Music, Vol. 2)

Tom Chaplin – Midpoint

Trial – Feed the Fire

Yungblud – s/t

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Top 10 Songs With the Same Titles as Great Novels

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1. “1984” by David Bowie (book by George Orwell)

2. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica (book by Ernest Hemingway)

3. “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block (book by Tom Wolfe)

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Every Song by Tim Heidecker’s Dekkar, Ranked

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1. “Empty Bottle“: The hit song that broke the band like a broken lantern. That dared us to check out life on the dark side but then stuffed us with everything good and light. With this timeless and unparalleled gem, Tim, Axiom and Manuel drained us of everything — and filled us up again.

2. “Empty Bottle (Acoustic)

3. “Empty Bottle (1.5 Remastered Edition)

Boise’s Summer Concert Lineup: Bad Penny’s List

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7.1: Cloak, Bewitcher, Brain Tourniquet, Hummingbird of Death at Shredder
7.2: Badflower, Royal Bliss at Expo Idaho Grandstands
7.5: Ween at Outlaw Field
7.6: Caleb Nichols, Strange Pilgrim at Neurolux
7.6: Suffers, McKenna Esteb at Grove Plaza (free)
7.9: Floater at Knitting Factory

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The 3 Best Podcasts on the Internet in 2022

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Mailin’ It!: The Official Podcast of the USPS

1. “Mailin’ It!“: “A lighthearted look into the history, innovation, and inner workings of the United States Postal Service.” Recommended episode: “Stamps, an American Obsession

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Bob Odenkirk: 20 Must-See YouTube Videos With the Better Call Saul and Mr. Show Star

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Bob Odenkirk

On Tuesday, we presented you, dear reader, with an exceptionally (and probably unnecessarily) long examination of Bob Odenkirk’s recently released Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir. The post included a list of facts and details likely unbeknownst to even the most devout fans of the actor/writer/director/sketch-comedy icon.

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Bob Odenkirk’s New Memoir: 20 Key Takeaways

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Bob Odenkirk’s Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir

Thanks to his breakthrough role as Saul Goodman a.k.a Jimmy McGill in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk finally got his due in mainstream culture starting in 2009. Landing the part was a game-changer for the actor/writer/director/sketch-comedy icon who had spent more than a decade toiling on dozens of projects that never saw the light of day.

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Best Albums Of 2022: Gojira, Dying Wish, At the Gates, Der Weg Einer Freiheit

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1. GojiraFortitude (Roadrunner)
2. Dying WishFragments of a Bitter Memory (SharpTone)
3. At the GatesNightmare of Being (Century Media)
4. Der Weg Einer FreiheitNoktvrn (Season of Mist)
5. Harakiri for the SkyMaere (AOP)
6. So HideousNone but a Pure Heart Can Sing (Silent Pendulum)
7. AmenraDe Doom (Relapse)
8. CarcassTorn Arteries (Nuclear Blast)
9. MalistKarst Relict (Northern Silence)
10. Violet Cold Empire of Love (La Petite Mort Prod.)

Best Albums Of 2020: Mors Principium Est, Eternal Champion, Spirit Adrift, Svalbard

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1. Mors Principium EstSeven (AFM)
2. Eternal ChampionRavening Iron (No Remorse) Continue reading