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Unearth Sets ‘Wretched’ Tour Dates; Phipps Says He Wants to Outdo Ozzy

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Here’s a sneak peek of my interview with Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps, which will appear in the next print edition of New Noise magazine:

Getting To Know Mark Lanegan

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Mark Lanegan wears all 40 years of his life on his face. His skin, once puffed in that Tom Waits sort of way, is now ironed out into a smooth sheet. His thin amber eyes pierce his surroundings with a devastating gravity. Even his thick maroon mane, which spikes out beneath a nondescript black hat, seems to be spun by the hands of time, hammered by hard living.

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Best Albums Of 2017: War On Drugs, Queens Of The Stone Age

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War on Drugs album cover A Deeper Understanding

1. War on DrugsA Deeper Understanding (Atlantic)
2. Queens of the Stone AgeVillains (Matador) Continue reading

Karma To Burn Share Crazy Drug Stories

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Yesterday, you read an update on John Garcia’s plans to take his new Kyuss-covers project on tour. Today, here’s a 2001 interview – online for the first time – with Karma to Burn, a band that Garcia almost joined. Continue reading

John Garcia Announces Kyuss-Covers Tour Plan; ’05 Gig With Josh Homme Is Remembered

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All That’s Heavy announced today that John Garcia will be blowing the dust off Kyuss songs on a worldwide tour under the jazzy guise of “Garcia Plays Kyuss.” Flanked by guitarist Bruno Fevery, bassist Jacques de Haard and drummer Rob Snijders, they’ll be cruising through Europe from May 28 through June 11. Continue reading

Best Albums Of 2002

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1. Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf (Interscope)
2. Bill HicksFlying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 – Pittsburgh ’91 and Love, Laughter & Truth reissues (Rykodisc) Continue reading

Iggy Pop Transcript, 7.18.03: ‘I Was Shooting Dope At The RIAA Awards When It Wasn’t Chic’

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Get Iggy Pop talking and the time just flies. A living legend in his own right, he’s also as well-versed as anybody on classic and contemporary music. And with a frankness and candor you’re not apt to find from just about anyone else, he’s one of the record industry’s most critical – even prophetic – commentators. Continue reading

Best Albums Of The 2000s

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1. Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf (Interscope)
2. IsisOceanic (Ipecac)
• Bad Penny interview: “Isis’ Aaron Turner In ’02: Oceanic Is ‘The Best Material We’ve Ever Written’
• Bad Penny essay: “Isis’ Oceanic: Mystery Revealed?
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Best Albums Of 2000

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1. Queens of the Stone AgeRated R (Interscope): Heavyweights in their own right, QOTSA are the closest thing we have to Nirvana right now.
2. PJ HarveyStories From the City, Stories From the Sea (Island): If she goes on for as long and as strong as Tina Turner has, I’ll die a happy man. Continue reading