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Top 10 Songs With the Same Titles as Great Novels

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1. “1984” by David Bowie (book by George Orwell)

2. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica (book by Ernest Hemingway)

3. “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block (book by Tom Wolfe)

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Cover Me: Cassorla’s Songs Of Hair, Trees, Portraits, Shouts And Alphabets EP

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When’s the last time you heard an indie-rock band – or any rock band … or, hell, any band at all – pine for the day when D’Angelo would cover one of its songs? Leave it to Los Angeles’ unpredictable and imaginative troupe Cassorla to make such a wish. Continue reading

The Who’s Pete Townshend: Every Young Rocker Should ‘Mark A ‘W’ On Their Arm In Blood’

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“Who dat? Dat ain’t the Who, I tell ya.” You can almost hear those words being uttered by some fans attending Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey’s 12-minute set during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Continue reading

Iggy Pop: ‘I Didn’t Want To Sell Out’ The Stooges

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Nostalgia may be the enemy of the future, but the coming months are bound to see a lot of hoopla surrounding Iggy Pop and his band of Stooges. And for good reason. Continue reading

Iggy Pop Transcript, 7.18.03: ‘I Was Shooting Dope At The RIAA Awards When It Wasn’t Chic’

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Get Iggy Pop talking and the time just flies. A living legend in his own right, he’s also as well-versed as anybody on classic and contemporary music. And with a frankness and candor you’re not apt to find from just about anyone else, he’s one of the record industry’s most critical – even prophetic – commentators. Continue reading

David Bowie Faces Reality

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“It’s difficult to foresee anything other than a huge calamity in the industry itself,” David Bowie predicted to me in 2003. “And, as I’ve believed for a long time now, live shows will come to dominate in a new kind of way again.” Continue reading

David Bowie Transcript, 7.9.03: ‘I Am The Man Who Found Velvet Underground!’

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David Bowie gets the White Stripes, the Raveonettes and the Dandy Warhols – but not Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And were it not for him, he says, Lou Reed and John Cale’s immortal band might never have made it. Continue reading