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B-52s’ Fred Schneider: ‘It’s Better To Make Up Stuff For Interviews Than Tell The Truth’

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So the B-52s, Lady Gaga and an alien named Mel Moron walk into a cosmic cantina …

Welcome to Fred Schneider’s universe. In an interview conducted with the Bad Penny, he also┬áspoke – at times humorously, at times seriously – about bloody Christmas songs, shoplifting a ham, avoiding cancer and, maybe equally important, avoiding the tour bus. Continue reading

Iggy Pop: ‘I Didn’t Want To Sell Out’ The Stooges

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Nostalgia may be the enemy of the future, but the coming months are bound to see a lot of hoopla surrounding Iggy Pop and his band of Stooges. And for good reason. Continue reading

Iggy Pop Transcript, 7.18.03: ‘I Was Shooting Dope At The RIAA Awards When It Wasn’t Chic’

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Get Iggy Pop talking and the time just flies. A living legend in his own right, he’s also as well-versed as anybody on classic and contemporary music. And with a frankness and candor you’re not apt to find from just about anyone else, he’s one of the record industry’s most critical – even prophetic – commentators. Continue reading