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Spencer Moody On Murder City Devils’ Breakup: ‘Everyone Was Ready For A Change’

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After unearthing an ultra-hard-to-find interview with Dead Meadow yesterday, today it seemed fitting to trudge up an even rarer one with Dead Low Tide. This piece is so obscure, in fact, that only two eyeballs have seen it thus far: Shortly before it was due to run, Dead Low Tide bit the dust, and the article was scrapped. Continue reading

Mike Patton And Duane Denison Talk Tomahawk ‘Downtime’

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In light of the 1999 Duane Denison interview and Jesus Lizard trivia labyrinth that have recently been posted in these parts, here’s another vintage conversation with the guitarist, along with Tomahawk bandmate Mike Patton. Continue reading

Labyrinth: The History Of The Jesus Lizard

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So you think you know the Jesus Lizard, eh? Test your knowledge of the band and its history with this thoroughly trivial pursuit. Continue reading

Jesus Lizard’s Duane Denison: ‘I Can’t Imagine Ever Doing A Reunion Tour’

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These are three hard-working men. One is bald, diminutive (around 5 feet tall) and brandishes a wrinkled, menacing smirk. This man has been arrested on numerous occasions for public exposure and enjoys his occupation, which involves howling, salivating, urinating and wrestling with complete strangers. Continue reading