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Guilty Pleasures: Humanfly On Prince, Blur, Ice Cube, More

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Post-hardcore prog-metallers Humanfly are drumming up some sick praise with their third record, Darker Later (Brew). Kerrang! bestowed five Ks on the slab, which arrives Stateside on November 9, and Terrorizer and Rocksound have been eating it up too. In anticipation of the release, the Bad Penny got frontman John Sutcliffe to lay down his guard for Guilty Pleasures, a new feature. Jaws may drop as the Leeds lad reveals a handful of artists you’d never guess he’d be into. Continue reading

Patti Smith On Jamming With Jeff Buckley And Tom Verlaine: ‘It Was Beautiful’

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Here’s another out-of-print magazine interview materializing online for the first time. This one’s with Patti Smith, who spoke with me primarily about her first-ever anthology, Land 1975-2002. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer also joked about “Because the Night”; shed light on Horses demos; went into detail about her cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”; and revealed some back story about another one of her classics, “Redondo Beach.”

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