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Carcass Frontman Jeff Walker: ‘Democracy Doesn’t Work’

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Check out my lengthy feature with Jeff Walker, frontman of Britain extreme-metal emissaries, Carcass. The piece — in which the wry vocalist/bassist discusses everything from getting older to not owning a functioning record player — kicks off a series of interviews I conducted with metal’s heavyweights during the depths of COVID. Read the full piece on New Noise right here:

Best Albums of 2021: Gojira, Dying Wish, At the Gates, Der Weg Einer Freiheit

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1. GojiraFortitude (Roadrunner)
2. Dying WishFragments of a Bitter Memory (SharpTone)
3. At the GatesNightmare of Being (Century Media)
4. Der Weg Einer FreiheitNoktvrn (Season of Mist)
5. Harakiri for the SkyMaere (AOP)
6. So HideousNone but a Pure Heart Can Sing (Silent Pendulum)
7. AmenraDe Doom (Relapse)
8. CarcassTorn Arteries (Nuclear Blast)
9. MalistKarst Relict (Northern Silence)
10. Violet Cold Empire of Love (La Petite Mort Prod.)

Bad Penny Exclusive: Ex-Red House Painters Guitarist Phil Carney Gives First-Ever Interview, Premieres Desertshore MP3

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Phil Carney is no stranger to music. The gifted guitarist has performed in a handful of bands, including Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and his latest venture, Desertshore. He’s toured around the world – Japan, Australia, all over Europe – with his good buddy Mark Kozelek. And he has written many, many songs.

But Phil Carney is a stranger to music interviews. Prior to Friday afternoon, when he spoke at length with the Bad Penny, he had never given one before. But now he has, and here it is. Continue reading

Death-Metal-Parody Proposals For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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Amon Amarth’s “Valhalla Awaits Me” -> “Pizza Awaits Me”
Cannibal Corpse’s “Covered With Sores” -> “Covered With S’mores”
Carcass’ “Inpropagation” -> “Inpoopagation” Continue reading

An Extremely Long Conversation About Extreme Metal With Albert Mudrain

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There is horror cinema. And then there is splatter cinema.

There is drug use. And then there is drug addiction.

There is heavy metal. And then there is extreme metal. Continue reading