Death-Metal-Parody Proposals For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Amon Amarth’s “Valhalla Awaits Me” -> “Pizza Awaits Me”
Cannibal Corpse’s “Covered With Sores” -> “Covered With S’mores”
Carcass’ “Inpropagation” -> “Inpoopagation”
Dark Tranquillity’s “Silence, and the Firmament Withdrew” -> “Silence, and the Fart I Blew”
Death’s “Flattening of Emotions” -> “Flatulence of Emotions”
Disincarnate’s “Stench of Paradise Burning” -> “Stench of Toast Burning”
In Flames’ “Artifacts of the Black Rain” -> “Artifacts of the Black Bean Soup”
Morbid Angel’s “Visions From the Dark Side” -> “Visions From the Dark Chocolate Brownies”
Obituary’s “I’m in Pain” -> “I’m in Au Bon Pain”
Suffocation’s “Involuntary Slaughter” -> “Involuntary Fart”


Extreme-Metal Word Search
• Anti-Death-Penalty Hangman
• “An Extremely Long Conversation About Extreme Metal With Albert Mudrain

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