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Guided by Voices’ August by Cake: FLOOD Review

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Guided by Voices’ August by Cake album cover

Here is my album review of Guided by Voices’ terrific August by Cake — the 100th release by frontman Bob Pollard. “By the time its 71 minutes are up, ‘August by Cake’ leaves a resin-free aftertaste.”

Revising History: Wooden Wand On Guided By Voices, Black Flag, Rolling Stones, More

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Over the years, James Jackson Toth has quietly proven himself to be one of the more undervalued American songwriters out there. Calling to mind a broad array of characters from the canon of great music – Captain Beefheart, Willie Nelson, Sun Ra and more – the man better known as Wooden Wand has been making a case that, perhaps, eventually, he should stack right up there with those legends. For the most poetic edition yet in the Bad Penny’s “Revising History” series, Toth touched on the Rolling Stones’ “Coming Down Again,” Guided by Voices’ “Chicken Blows,” Black Flag’s “Three Nights” and other songs he wishes he had made. Continue reading

Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard: ‘There Are Some Songs I Don’t Even Remember Doing’

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With just a few hours till the “Matador at 21” kickoff, here’s another interview from the vaults. Previously unavailable online, this one’s with Robert Pollard of recently reunited legends Guided by Voices, who promise to do it up Vegas-style when they close the extravaganza Sunday night. Continue reading