Oh No Ono’s Eggs: Two Cent Review

Artist: Oh No Ono
Album: Eggs
Label: Friendly Fire
Release date: January 26

With Eggs, Oh No Ono boldly go where most bands haven’t gone before. It could be mistaken for the soundtrack to a Terry Gilliam movie: Psycho-tropical from the first weird note to the last, the record immerses you in an animated dreamscape that is equal parts surreal (“Helplessly Young”), elegiac (“Swim”) and theatrical (“Icicles”). (Pure-bliss lyrics featured on the latter track: “I see icy flakes hiding frozen lakes/ One by one and on and on they go in the sea of snow … I see icicles swing like crystal bells.”) The album is playful. It sparkles. It shines. It taps into an innocent, romantic adoration for music on the purest of levels, a place that is rarely visited by seasoned artists. The Flaming Lips and Black Moth Super Rainbow should make room at their table for this Danish band, who previously released Eggs, their U.S. debut, overseas. So what’s the catch? None, really; so long as you acquire the taste for singer Malthe Fischer’s pinched vocals – which sound an octave or two higher than any given Bee Gee’s – this is an album you can listen to in cruise control, confident you’re in good hands. Oh No? Oh Yes.


• Bad Penny MP3 download: “Helplessly Young

A perhaps-illuminating Wordle version of the lyrics to Oh No Ono’s Eggs. Perhaps doubling as a Freudian psychoanalysis?

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