Labyrinth: The History Of The Jesus Lizard

So you think you know the Jesus Lizard, eh? Test your knowledge of the band and its history with this thoroughly trivial pursuit.

(If you’re not up to speed on the Jesus Lizard but would still like to play, reading this interview will give you most of the background you’ll need. And while you’re at it, don’t miss this second interview with Denison, joined by Tomahawk bandmate Mike Patton)

What follows are 10 questions pertaining to the band’s history. You will be given access to each sequential question with each correct answer. If you arrive at the wrong page, go back and try again.

1. Which of the following bands were members of the Jesus Lizard not in prior to them forming?

• Butthole Surfers
Cargo Cult
• Scratch Acid

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2 Responses to “Labyrinth: The History Of The Jesus Lizard”

  1. Inglander Says:

    Introducing you to the Lizard was the best thing I could ever have done for this band. Nice to see you keeping the faith. How’s it going mate?

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