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Revising History: Kathryn Williams On Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter, Björk’s Homogenic, More

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On her 2004 covers album, Relations, revered British singer/songwriter Kathryn Williams breathed new life into classics such as Nirvana’s “All Apologies,” the Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says” and Pavement’s “Spit on a Stranger.” In commemoration of the release finally reaching U.S. shores on Tuesday (via One Little Indian), the Bad Penny asked the Mercury Prize nominee to christen a new feature: Revising History. Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures: Humanfly On Prince, Blur, Ice Cube, More

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Post-hardcore prog-metallers Humanfly are drumming up some sick praise with their third record, Darker Later (Brew). Kerrang! bestowed five Ks on the slab, which arrives Stateside on November 9, and Terrorizer and Rocksound have been eating it up too. In anticipation of the release, the Bad Penny got frontman John Sutcliffe to lay down his guard for Guilty Pleasures, a new feature. Jaws may drop as the Leeds lad reveals a handful of artists you’d never guess he’d be into. Continue reading

What You Readin’ For?: Campfire OK On ‘A Brief History Of Time,’ ‘Illustrated Man’

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It’s all geek to Campfire OK’s Mychael. For the second installment in the Bad Penny’s “What You Readin’ For?” series, the singer of the Seattle indie-pop band leafs through two books: a nonfiction classic about science and a classic work of science fiction.

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Faith In Metal: Orphaned Land Push For Peace In The Middle East

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Metalheads are fickle when it comes to approving a band’s metal cred. But it’s safe to say that your group qualifies if: 1) Fans can get arrested for listening to you; 2) You get arrested trying to record an album; and 3) You preach a message so radical that it makes some metalheads cringe.

Enter Orphaned Land, a metal band from Israel that meets all those criteria.
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What You Readin’ For?: Climber On ‘Moby Dick’

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Climber frontman Michael Nelson just reached out to the Bad Penny to take part in our “What You Readin’ For” series, in which literature and music flirt. The vocalist/pianist/multi-instrumentalist submitted a series of deep thoughts on his latest read: Herman Melville classic “Moby Dick.”
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Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebus #2

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Looks like many of you dug the first installment of “Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebus.” So here’s a new one, related to a band that recently got some coverage on this blog. Continue reading

Cover Me: Paper Tongues’ Paper Tongues

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Submissions to the Bad Penny’s “Cover Me” feature are coming fast and furious. The latest comes courtesy North Carolina rock septet Paper Tongues, whose guitarist, Joey Signa, would die to hear MGMT, Passion Pit, Mutemath and others reinvent songs from the band’s self-titled debut. Continue reading

Cover Me: Research Society’s Best Of Seven EP (Exclusive MP3 Download Included)

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Research Society took an innovative approach to participating in the Bad Penny’s ongoing “Cover Me” series: Rather than let one bandmember do all the talking, co-songwriters Namky (vocals, rhythm guitar, programming) and G Mann (lead guitar, bass, backing vocals, programming) had a lil’ dialogue. Here’s what the indie-rock band – which hails from Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood – dreamed up for its new Best of Seven EP – along with an exclusive download song from it. Continue reading

Meet And Greet Danny Ross; Download Exclusive MP3s

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When I caught up with Danny Ross in late August 2009, he was trying to get his feet wet – but not in the literal sense.

“It’s been rainy, uncharacteristically rainy, the last two months” in New York, he said.

A little over a year later, the singer/pianist/multi-instrumentalist/composer has gotten them more than just a little wet. Ross is now fully drenched in music accolades, and on Saturday night, he headlines a show at NYC’s prestigious Mercury Lounge. Continue reading

Memento: Winterlings’ Autumn Harvest

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The Winterlings – a self-described “nocturnal alternative-folk band” – recently reached out to the Bad Penny with some thought-provoking pictures that warrant another installment in our ongoing “Memento” series. And with the fall having just arrived and Halloween around the corner, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Continue reading