Treefort 2023 Profile: Rogê

Don’t know how to start off your Treefort Music Fest 2023 experience? Not totally sold on Dinosaur Jr.’s old-school indie-rock, Covet’s “emotional nerd rock” or Old 97’s classic alt-country? You can always “go Rogê” tonight (and tomorrow) with some funky samba from Rio de Janeiro.

We had the good fortune of touching base with Rogê, the crown heir of the Brazilian Popular Music movement shortly before he arrived in Boise. Rogê just finished opening for collaborator Jack Johnson on some dates in Brazil and is also coming off seven shows at South by Southwest.

Rogê is the 22nd artist to participate in the Bad Penny’s ongoing series profiling international artists coming to Boise to play the state’s best and brightest music festival, Treefort.

Rogê will have the spotlight pretty much all to himself tonight, as the festival gets underway with its first evening. That show will build momentum for Rogê’s second concert, tomorrow at Bandshell at 7:40 p.m. Here’s what he is most looking forward to with both shows.

[Go here for a primer on our series of Treefort Music Fest previews.]

Artist: Rogê
From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Genre: Samba funk
Treefort info: Playing Wednesday at Treefort Music Hall at 8:40 p.m. and Thursday at Bandshell at 7:40 p.m.

Why did you decide to play Treefort Fest this year?

ROGÊ: I’ve been in the U.S. for a minute and I only heard good things about Treefort. When the opportunity came, I immediately got interested to go and play my music there.

What excites you the most about participating in it?

ROGÊ: I’m launching a new album, so this is the perfect opportunity to show my music to a very special audience.

Is this your first time playing Treefort? If so, how did your booking come about? If not, why did you choose to return?

ROGÊ: Yes, it is. My booking agent, Joey Massa, did the connection, and I really love the idea.

Have you visited Boise/Idaho before? If yes, do you have any fun stories to share? If not, what have you heard about Boise/Idaho?

ROGÊ: Never been to Idaho! I heard a lot about the musicians and my producer, Thomas Brenneck, has told me a lot of good things about Boise and the festival.

Did you face any challenges or headaches in securing a visa to come here?

ROGÊ: I’ve moved from Brazil to Los Angeles, it’s been a couple of years, so I am fortunate enough to say I’ve never faced any issues with visas.

What expectations do you have for your experience here and at Treefort?

ROGÊ: I’m really excited to play there. I’m taking a great band with me and I really hope that we have the best experience ever.

How would you describe your state of mind going into Treefort?

ROGÊ: I can’t wait to be there and I’m looking forward to meeting this amazing crowd.

What other artists on the Treefort lineup are you excited to see? Are you friends with any of them?

ROGÊ: I’m just excited to be part of this curious audience and dig deep into all of the shows, get to know new artists and new music.

What do you enjoy most about performing at music festivals in general?

ROGÊ: The best is always the audience. They are always open to what’s new. The crowd is always going deep in our music! That’s what I’m always looking forward to!

What can Treefort attendees expect from your performance?

ROGÊ: Songs from my just-released album, Curyman. … A lot of Brazilian music with soul! And good vibrations!

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