Treefort 2023 Profile: British Columbia’s Bridal Party

Next time — or the first time — you see pop posse Bridal Party, be sure to toss them an ice-cold brewski. The British Columbia natives have so much heat going into Treefort Music Fest next week, they’ll need to Cool Down — which just happens to be the title of their newest record. (What a truly non-bizarre coincidence! And what awful puns!)

Recently, the Bad Penny caught up with Bridal Party ahead of their gigs at the Olympic on Friday (start time: 6:30 p.m.) and at Cyclops (start time: 8 p.m.) the following day. As Bridal Party informed us, they’re particularly giddy because Boise was where they delivered one of their best performances on their 2018 tour.

They also vented about how increased visa fees are making it harder for international bands to play in the U.S. Read previous installments in the Bad Penny’s ongoing series profiling Treefort’s international acts, and you’ll notice it’s a recurring theme.

[Go here for a primer on this series of Treefort Music Fest previews. Check back for new profiles of international artists playing the festival every day leading up to the fest’s kickoff Wednesday.]

Artist: Bridal Party
From: Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: Pop
Treefort info: Playing Friday, March 24, at the Olympic at 6:30 p.m.; and Saturday, March 25, at Cyclops at 8 p.m.

Why did you decide to play Treefort Fest this year?

BRIDAL PARTY: We just dropped our second record, Cool Down, on February 15, and Treefort fits in perfectly [with] when and where we wanted to tour. After this we are out on the road across the U.S. and Canada for all of April. Even if you can’t make it to Treefort, you’ll be able to catch us somewhere!

What excites you the most about participating in it? 

BRIDAL PARTY: Treefort Fest has a reputation for being a music discovery festival, where folks can find new favorite artists and artists can find new fans. It’s a great opportunity for us to get in front of a new audience and hopefully make an impression. The festival lineup is also fantastic and we’re excited to take in some music as well.

Is this your first time playing Treefort? If so, how did your booking come about? If not, why did you choose to return?

BRIDAL PARTY: This is our first time being able to accept our invitation to play Treefort! We had to turn it down in the past due to scheduling conflicts. We applied through Music BC, our provincial music-funding organization, who do a great job of providing export opportunities for local artists.

Have you visited Boise/Idaho before? If yes, do you have any fun stories to share? If not, what have you heard about Boise/Idaho?

BRIDAL PARTY: We did play in Boise in 2018 at Neurolux on a Wednesday, and actually had a pretty good turnout and a lot of fun. It ended up being one of the highlights of that tour. From what we remember, Boise has big open skies and people who love partying and pizza. 

“Treefort Fest has a reputation for being a music discovery festival, where folks can find new favorite artists and artists can find new fans.” -Bridal Party

Did you face any challenges or headaches in securing a visa to come here?

BRIDAL PARTY: It’s not our first rodeo, so we got through the paperwork smoothly, however as Canadian artists performing in the U.S., we’re facing a potential increase to our visa fees from $460 to $1,615. If this increase goes though, it will have a devastating impact on our ability to make trips like this in the future. 

What expectations do you have for your experience here and at Treefort?

BRIDAL PARTY: We just wanna play well and get charged up and inspired for the long tour that follows! 

How would you describe your state of mind going into Treefort?

BRIDAL PARTY: Our tour that begins with Treefort is sort of a culmination of all the work we put into the release of our new album. We’re pretty grateful to get to be on the road again. Touring is becoming less of a viable option as time goes on, especially for artists that are trying to level up and maybe have limited resources. We want to get out on that stage and have fun!!

What other artists on the Treefort lineup are you excited to see? Are you friends with any of them?

BRIDAL PARTY: Winona Forever are some folks from Van [Vancouver] we adore and have played with a couple times. We’ll be sharing the stage with them at Cyclops on the 25th. Come hang! We’re also excited to see UMO and Drugdealer among others.

What do you enjoy most about performing at music festivals in general?

BRIDAL PARTY: There is a sense of energy and adventure at festivals that is hard to find anywhere else. 

What can Treefort attendees expect from your performance?

BRIDAL PARTY: Something groovy, something beautiful, something human! We’ll have lots of crazy energy after driving for a few days straight. Who knows what will happen!

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