Bad Penny Exclusive Premiere: TV Buddhas’ Third Vlog

Bad shows are a dime a dozen. But it doesn’t get much worse than TV Buddhas’ recent gig-that-wasn’t in New Orleans: When they showed up, the venue didn’t even know a concert was scheduled. Watch all the gory details about that incident and beyond in the third installment of the Israeli band’s tour vlog, which is premiering exclusively on the Bad Penny.

In case you missed it, the lovable group – guitarist Juval Haring; his wife, drummer Mickey Triest; and her brother, guitarist Uri Triest – helped the Bad Penny debut a new feature, “Great Debate,” yesterday. While their hilarious argument over the merits of eating supermarket food versus restaurant food was enough to make milk come out of your nose, this video will melt your heart – and then warm it up.

Lessons learned from the clip, in which the band also performs a new, ad hoc song:

1. Don’t have faith in your promoter.
2. Have faith that music fans in the U.S. always come through.

Extend some sympathy to the Buddhas and go to their Monday gig at the Smell, where they’ll dip into their self-titled EP (We Are Busy Bodies). Surely, they’ll have a better outcome in L.A. than they did in New Orleans.

And check out previous installments of their vlog right here.

Audio assets:

• TV Buddhas’ “Fun Girls
• TV Buddhas’ “Let Me Sleep

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