Chambers’ Old Love: Two Cent Review

Artist: Chambers
Album: Old Love
Label: self-released
Release date: June 22

Chambers is a rock and roll act that plays punk-rock songs with the fury of a metal band. Scraped off some sidewalk in Union, New Jersey, these five newbies have already nailed the only two pre-requisites for a heavy-rock band: anger and volume. Firing on all cylinders at all times, Chambers – led by blistering screamer Dan Pelic – pack every second of Old Love with their deafening wall of sound. It’s practically obsessive-compulsive, their urge to ensure that no moment of silence is spared on their first album. Like all great debuts, Old Love is the most concise expression of what this band is, with nary an ounce of fat over the course of its 11 temper-tantrum tracks. A bit one-note, maybe – but then again, lines like, “You’re fucking dead to me!” can’t exactly be cooed. Incredulously, many of the songs actually adhere to a pop structure – that includes the first single, “Ripper,” which is about as anthemic a two-minute song as you’ll find. Its predecessor, the wickedly wound barn burner “Notch,” is even bolder, while closing-track “Tragedy” is a mite more expansive. In a bar brawl with Fucked Up, the Bronx and Cancer Bats, my money’s on these guys.

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