The Gilded Palace Of Sin’s You Break Our Hearts: Two Cent Review

Artist: The Gilded Palace of Sin
Album: You Break Our Hearts, We’ll Tear Yours Out
Label: Central Control
Release date: January 19

Way out West, some 150 or so years ago, a band of bandits rolled into an unsuspecting mining town and set up camp. Their throats parched, their skin cracked, their bones weary, they lit a campfire and passed around a bottle of moonshine. They laughed and sneered and shouted. They told tall tales. And, just like this imaginary vignette, none of them were true. The Gilded Palace of Sin – representatives of the U.K. underground – are, at turns, cranky, confrontational and darkly alluring. Their debut, issued on the label run by ex-Bad Seeds/Magazine bassist Barry Adamson, calls to mind the rambunctiousness of those bands, but with the delivery of Tom Waits. Incorporating a dizzying litany of instruments – wash board, farsifa, theremin and saw among them – the Gilded Palace of Sin’s concoction is a thoroughly original home brew. It’s also a stream-of-consciousness, broken-blues throwdown that thrives on contrarianism: When brooding belter Pete Phythian declares halfway through the record that “There is no evil, there is no good,” no line rings truer. You Break Our Hearts, We’ll Tear Yours Out is a cavalcade that echoes haunts and chills from the netherworld, and you’d be wise to get sucked in.


• Bad Penny MP3 download: “Nautilus (Drumxxxt Remix)
• Bad Penny MP3 download: “Rosa Salvaje (edit)
• YouTube clip: “Rosa Salvaje” music video
• YouTube clip: “Rose Salvaje” live
• YouTube clip: “Bones of the Saints” live
• YouTube clip: “Mean Old Jack” live


• “Nick Cave: Saint Nicholas and the Nocturnal Muse
• Nick Cave transcript, 1.28.03

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