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Yuvees to Exhibit Their ‘Quixotic’ Art-Rock at First Boise Gig Tonight

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Yuvees frontman Brendon Broome began developing a taste for great music before he was even born.

By way of explanation, his mom attended one of Nirvana’s final shows while she was pregnant with him.

“I was in utero for the In Utero tour,” he cracked to the Bad Penny earlier this week.

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Bad Penny MP3s: Best Of 2010, Part I – Quasi, Xiu Xiu, Harlem, Album Leaf, More

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In case you don’t have the time or inclination to weed through all the MP3s featured on the Bad Penny New Releases Schedule, here’s a list of choice, recently posted cuts. Continue reading

Quasi’s Sam Coomes In ’01: ‘There Isn’t Any Point In Us Rushing’ Albums

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Way back on October 4, 2001 – with the horror of 9/11 still damp in everyone’s minds – Quasi’s Sam Coomes took a few to talk with me about his band’s then-new album, The Sword of God.

“There isn’t any point in us rushing to get albums out quickly anymore,” he confessed at the time. Continue reading

Quasi’s Sam Coomes Transcript, 10.4.01: ‘I’d Still Play Music Even [If] Nobody Cared’

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As I noted after chatting with Quasi’s Sam Coomes on October 4, 2001, “It’s impossible to do an interview these days and not have at least of it consist of war talk.” Continue reading