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Outrage Over Bill Burr’s Abortion Bit Is a Joke

Posted in Comedy, Essays with tags , , on 11/10/2022 by korzeck

Bill Burr is splitting the Internet again. A bit about abortion on his latest comedy special, Live at Red Rocks, is tearing up social media. But, as usual, anyone shocked over the always-hilarious, always-controversial comedian is clearly not a fan.

In his latest special, Bill Burr closes by saying, “I know I said I lot of divisive sh– here tonight. So, before I get out of here, let’s bring the room together. It’s a very divisive time. Everyone wants to feel safe. Let’s do a nice, normal, mainstream topic so everybody can drive home happy, no fights. All right? Sound good? All right, great. Let’s talk abortion.”

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Louis C.K.’s ‘2017’ Special: Abortions, Beheadings And Lots Of Laughs

Posted in Comedy, Reviews with tags on 04/05/2017 by korzeck

Louis C.K. brings the cringe on his new Netflix special, “2017”

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