Features Index

Note: Some of these links, like human lives, are broken.

Brushes With Greatness
• Expo’s John Lane With Muhammad Ali, Dr. Ruth, Allen Ginsberg, more

Cover Me
• Mark Bacino
• Cassorla
• Cougar
• Dearling Physique
• French Miami
• Paper Tongues
Research Society

The Creature
• Volume 6, Issue 2: Rainer Maria, A Minor Forest, Scared Of Chaka (published at Grinnell College, fall 1998)

Day Job
• Cougar

• Axl Rose and GW Bush
‘It Follows,’ ‘Hereditary’ and ‘In the Mouth of Madness’
Mastodon’s Brent Hinds and actor J.C. Quinn
• Brad Penny and Barney Gumble

• Blue Skies for Black Hearts’ ‘Dirty Water’ cover download
• Cassorla song premiere (download)
Covert Stations’ Latest Reworking: Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’
Desertshore exclusive MP3 download
• Expo exclusive MP3 download
False Gods — Meet Metal’s Newest True Believers
Four Star Riot’s ‘Adding It Up’: Video and Song Premiere
Human Potential’s ‘Hoosi, No!’: Video and Song Premiere
The New Loud’s favorite David Lynch films
• Pinx’s ‘Say When’
• Research Society MP3 download (with Cover Me feature)
• Danny Ross MP3s for download (with interview)
• TV Buddhas’ third tour vlog premiere

Fun And Games
• Anagrams: Touch and Go bands
Anti-death-penalty hangman
• Crossword puzzle: James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’
Extreme-metal word search
• Labyrinth: The history of the Jesus Lizard
• Rock and roll rebus #2
• Rock and roll rebus #1

Great Debate
• TV Buddhas on supermarket lunches vs. eating out

Guilty Pleasures
Dez Dare Digs Grand Funk Railroad, More
• Humanfly on Prince, Blur, Ice Cube, more
• Young Marble Giants’ Stuart Moxham on sex, procrastination – and fish and chips

Inside The Label
• Queer Control Records

• Bad Penny Exclusive: The New Loud Pick Their Favorite David Lynch Films
• Death-Metal-Parody Proposals For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic
• Stone Temple Pilots: Top 10 Reasons Why They Suck Even More Now Than They Did Before

Meet And Greet
• Cassettes Won’t Listen
Double Dagger
• Los Campesinos!
• Danny Ross
• Imaad Wasif

• Winterlings’ autumn harvest
Research Society’s “2001” obsession, Lego’d
• Wanda Jackson’s personalized card – and a matchbook too
Branden Daniel’s Amazing Technisound Dream Vest
Salme Dahlstrom’s coffee-centric contribution
The Moog’s hairspray
• The Bad Penny’s button collection

My City Rules
• Exray’s on San Francisco

• Neil Hamburger Soup

Revising History
• Mike Watt on John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, more
• Kathryn Williams on Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter, Björk’s Homogenic, more
• Wooden Wand on Guided by Voices, Black Flag, Rolling Stones, more

What You Readin’ For?
• Campfire OK On ‘A Brief History Of Time,’ ‘Illustrated Man’
• Climber On ‘Moby Dick’
Crossword Puzzle: James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’
3 Inches Of Blood’s Cam Pipes Geeks Out On Tolkien, ‘Dungeons & Dragons’
• Isis’ Oceanic: Mystery Revealed?
David Grubbs: Wingdale Community Singers Will Be ‘Busy For Years To Come’
• ‘Burning’ Questions For Brian Peterson: A Conversation About Hardcore Punk And Beyond
• Rick Moody Vs. The Bad Penny
• David Cross’ ‘I Drink For A Reason’: Loaded With Laughs – And Typos

• At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity albums

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