Exclusive Premiere: of persephone’s ‘Rainbow Road’

At the end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold. So legend goes, at least. What we can say with certainty is that “Rainbow Road,” a rousing new song by siren rock project of persephone, sounds downright golden.

With chanteuse Sarah Rae’s high-octave vocals leading the charge, the song is a galloping adventure into fuzzy, upbeat indie pop. It’s a dreamy excursion that, at less than two and a half minutes, leaves you wishing the track wouldn’t end. The Bad Penny is honored to exclusively premiere it today.

As Rae recently told us: “Siren rock is everything about my soul, my hopes, and my pains in this world. It’s the ultimate expression of vulnerability, and the ability to heal no matter how painful it may seem. I want siren rock to move my listeners to their very core, both emotionally, and on the dance floor.”

With a jangly, fuzzy sound that melds together alt-pop with a dreamy sensibility, “Rainbow Road” is a fitting successor to last of persephone’s album Bridge to Neverland from last year. In fact, the tune marks the previous of the next album by of persephone.

Rae further explained: ” ‘Rainbow Road’ embodies this to its core, and as each single off of the album releases you will both see and hear the pieces of the puzzle as I ran up my own rainbow road of happiness,” she said.

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