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Mizmor: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Anniversaries will abound at Psycho Las Vegas 2022 when it upends the city next month. But one of the quieter celebrations will be the 10-year birthday of Mizmor, a one-man black-metal project that multi-instrumentalist A.L.N. founded in Portland, Oregon, well … 10 years ago.

After breaking free from the shackles of religious confinement he found in the state’s capitol of Salem, A.L.N. set up camp about an hour north. Currently, he records in a studio located in a house he bought last year with his partner. While he enjoys the comfort and solitude of creating his art at home, he is — like the myriad bands with which The Bad Penny is chatting lately — gearing up for the mecca of overstimulation and debauchery that is Psycho Las Vegas.

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ASG: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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If you’re a) Going to Psycho Las Vegas 2022; b) Wanna witness a guaranteed, badass rock and roll set; and c) Need to bathe yourself in melodious singing after too many hours of screaming vocals … well, make it a point to see ASG on Sunday (August 21).

Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, the lovable-but-lethal Psycho vets deliver about as reliably righteous a show as they come. Thanks to tautly written songs that drill into the brain like the Bugs in Starship Troopers, the Relapse Records band never disappoints.

That’s not to say ASG haven’t faced their fair share of hardships, however. The Bad Penny caught up with frontman Jason Shi on Thursday, and he opened up about some of them. Oh, and his love of Blind Melon, too.

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Frozen Soul: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Among the 100 or so bands set for Psycho Las Vegas 2022, few of the young ones — if any — are bringing more hype than Frozen Soul. With thumbs-up from legends like Dying Fetus and Jungle Rot, the old-school death-metal revivalists have written, recorded and toured relentlessly since their founding just four years ago.

The band consists of three members formerly of Dallas thrash band End Times — vocalist Chad Green, guitarist Michael Munday and drummer Matt Dennard — plus bassist Samantha Mobley (ex-Vermiculated) and guitarist Chris Bonner, also of Steel Bearing Hand.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based Frozen Soul released their Crypt of Ice debut last year to so much acclaim that it landed them a spot on this year’s Psycho lineup. That’s an exceptionally rare honor for a band with just one album to its name.

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Cirith Ungol: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Mercyful Fate might be the biggest draw at Psycho Las Vegas 2022 — but they can’t claim the thrown as the festival’s elder statesmen. In fact, a full decade before King Diamond and his cohorts jelled as a band, Cirith Ungol originated in Ventura, California.

To give you a clearer idea of how far Cirith Ungol to back, they played their first gig at anti-war rally during Vietnam. Thus, the band finds itself among Psycho royalty that also includes Alice Cooper, Arthur Brown, Blue Öyster Cult and … well, not many other festival alums. Even Goblin formed a year after Cirith Ungol.

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Mothership: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have begun our descent and will arrive at the terminal shortly. In the meantime, please keep your seatbelt fastened. That last instruction applies to attendees of this year’s Psycho Las Vegas festival as well.

Mothership are soaring. The so-called “supersonic intergalactic heavy-rock trio” from Dallas, led by brothers Kyle and Kelley Juett, are riding the wave of ever-growing crowds at their shows. They band is drawing cheers from its peers in the world of hard rock and, with new material on the way, Mothership’s fuel gauge is about to explode.

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Belzebong: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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For obvious reasons, most “desert rock” bands shun the phrase “stoner rock.” Even though many musicians overindulge from time to time, the phrase itself can be confining for any band that wants to grow.

Poland’s Belzebong — due to play Saturday, August 20 — are a red-eyed exception to this rule. Not only did the band members incorporate a pot reference into their moniker, but guitarist Alky Dude openly talked about his infatuation with pot (almost as much as he enjoys talking about music).

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Beats Antique: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Curveballs, outliers, anomalies, non-genre … whatever you choose to call them, at least a few bands that aren’t categorized as “heavy rock” slip onto the bill at the annual Psycho Las Vegas. Recent years featured performances by indisputably non-metal artists like Monophonics, Polyrhythmics, Thievery Corporation and GZA, for example.

This year’s Psycho installment, happening August 19-21 — or August 18-21, if you count Thursday’s pre-event pool party — will be no different. Next to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and various members of Wu-Tang Clan, the biggest out-of-the-box artist is probably Beats Antique, an Oakland outfit entrenched in experimental world fusion.

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Church of the Cosmic Skull: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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Church of the Cosmic Skull

On a lineup loaded with a litany of must-see bands, Church of the Cosmic Skull will still stand out among the rest at Psycho Las Vegas 2022. Not only is the British psychedelic-rock group coming to the U.S. for the first time, but the septet will probably be the only ones dressed in all white among a sea of acts clad in black.

Frontman Brother Bill generously spoke with The Bad Penny this week about the band’s excitement to end its 14-date Stateside tour at the Psycho festival on Saturday, August 20. He also revealed which artists are on his list of must-see Psycho participants, what the Church of the Cosmic Skull’s mission constitutes — and to which temptation his ensemble might succumb in Las Vegas.

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The Gaslamp Killer: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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The Gaslamp Killer

So far, we’ve previewed this year’s Psycho Las Vegas festival with profiles on Witch Mountain (playing with their “reunion lineup”) and Yakuza (fronted by Psycho mainstay Bruce Lamont). But what would a musical festival be without a top-notch DJ, especially a festival lasting three days (four if you include the Thursday pre-party)?

Helping cap off the festival on Sunday, August 21 — technically the wee hours of Monday, August 22, for you hairsplitting types — will be The Gaslamp Killer playing a rock-centric set. Originally from San Diego but now based in Los Angeles, the DJ spoke with The Bad Penny last week about how psyched he is to play at Psycho.

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Yakuza: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

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In a mere 30 days, the 2022 edition of America’s best heavy-music festival, Psycho Las Vegas, will kick off once again. Stationed for the first time at Resorts World, we’re counting down the days until the throw-down begins with a series of profiles focusing on this year’s participants.

Yesterday we cut the ribbon on our 2022 preview series with an epic conversation involving Witch Mountain’s co-founder/drummer, Nathan Carson. His band will celebrate its 25th birthday at Psycho Las Vegas with a special performance featuring former vocalist Uta Plotkin and fill-in bassist/engine-“ear” Billy Anderson.

Today we unveil another stimulating (and lengthy) interview we recently conducted, this time with Bruce Lamont. The saxophone/singer’s avant-garde jazz-metal fusion band, Yakuza, are commemorating their own anniversary (of sorts) this year: Ten years have elapsed since the release of their last studio album, Beyul.

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