The Violent Sleep Of Reason Episode 2, 3.29.17

Orm’s “Orm”

The Bad Penny’s new program through Radio Free America, “The Violent Sleep of Reason,” focuses on new and upcoming heavy-metal releases. The show’s second installment featured new cuts by ORM, Cut Up and Isenordal.

Listen to the second edition of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

The program airs early Wednesday mornings from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Mountain Time in the U.S. It also airs live online here.

Listen to past editions of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here and check out the breakdown of songs played on the inaugural show here.

Below are the songs played on the second show, with a few notes about each track. For Radio Boise’s list of the songs along with air times, go here and click on “The Violent Sleep of Reason.”


1. Orm – “Temple of the Deaf”
• Danish black metal
from Orm (Indisciplinarian, 2017)

2. Cut Up – “Vermin Funeral”
• Swedish death metal
from Wherever They May Rot (Metal Blade Records, 2017)

3. Memoriam – “Resistance”
• British death metal
from For the Fallen (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

4. Wicked City – “Idiotic Assembly”
from Unpopularity Contest (WeEmptyRooms, 2017)

5. Pallbearer – “I Saw the End”
• Arkansas doom metal
from Heartless (Profound Lore, 2017)

6. Isenordal – “A Gallows Prayer”
• Seattle pagan black/doom metal
from Shores of Mourning (Eternal Warfare, 2017)

7. Gridfailure – “Surrogates”
• New York dark ambient metal
from Hostile Alchemy (The Compound Recs, 2017)

8. Arkaik – “Awaken the I”
• California progressive death metal
from Lucid Dawn (Unique Leader Records, 2015)

9. Oathbreaker – “Second Son of R.”
• Belgian black metal
from Rheia (Deathwish Inc., 2016)

10. Ingrown – “Raw Deal”
• Boise straight-edge hardcore
from Dirty Demo (self-released, 2013)

11. Deafheaven – “Baby Blue”
• San Francisco shoegaze black metal
from New Bermuda (Sony Music Labels Inc., 2015)

12. Ecstatic Vision – “Astral Plane”
• Philadelphia psychedelic space rock
from Sonic Praise (Relapse, 2015)

13. Dead Meadow – “Dusty Nothing”
• Washington, D.C., psychedelic indie rock
from Howls from the Hills (Xemu Records, 2001)

14. Heaven Shall Burn – “Corium”
• German melodic death metal
from Wanderer (Century Media, 2015)

15. Slugdge – “Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms”
• U.K. death metal
from The Cosmic Cornucopia (Willoptip Inc., 2017)

16. Today Is the Day – “Miracle”
• Nashville avant-guard metal
from Temple of the Morning Star – 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (The End Records, 2017)

17. All Hell – “Vampiric Lust”
• North Carolina black thrash metal
from The Grave Alchemist (Prosthetic, 2017)

18. Valborg – “Beerdigungsmaschine”
• German extreme metal
from Endstrand (Lupus Lounge, 2017)

19. Loathe – “Dance on My Skin”
• U.K. experimental metal
from The Cold Sun (Nuclear Blast Records, 2017)

20. 1476 – “Winter of Winds”
• Massachusetts post-black metal
from Our Season Draws Near (Prophecy, 2017)

21. Ghost Bath – “Thrones”
• North Dakota black metal
from Starmourner (Nuclear Blast Records, 2017)

Interested in getting played on “The Violent Sleep of Reason”? Reach out to korzeck at gmail dot com.

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