The Violent Sleep Of Reason Episode 3, 4.5.17

Mastodon’s “Emperor of Sand”

The Bad Penny’s new program through Radio Free America, “The Violent Sleep of Reason,” focuses on new and upcoming heavy-metal releases. The show’s third installment featured new cuts by Mastodon, Warbringer and Falls of Rauros.

Listen to the third edition of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

The program airs early Wednesday mornings from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Mountain Time in the U.S. It also airs live online here.

Listen to past editions of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

Below are the songs played on the third show, with a few notes about each track. For Radio Boise’s list of the songs along with air times, go here and click on “The Violent Sleep of Reason.”


1. Mastodon – “Show Yourself”
Once More ‘Round the Sun hit #6 on the Billboard chart, expect this one to hit even higher.
from Emperor of Sand (Reprise, 2017)
2. Gruesome – “Fragments of Psyche”
• only new original song off the EP, also features a cover of Death’s “Choke on It” and a bunch of demos
from Fragments of Psyche EP (Relapse, 2017)
3. Warbringer – “Silhouettes”
• Southern California thrash quintet
from Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm, 2017)
4. Falls of Rauros – “Impermanence Streakt Through Marble”
• Portland atmospheric black metal
from Vigilance Perennial (Bindrune, 2017)
5. Bereft – “Filth”
• debut from Wisconsin atmospheric black metal band founded in 2011
from Lands (Prosthetic, 2017)
6. Piss Angel – “Oppression”
• The Boise deathgrinders are opening for Archspire and Arkaik on Thursday at the Shredder; it’s their first show in more than a year.
from Demo (self-released, 2016)
7. Blame God – “Blame God”
• New York grindcore
from Strategically Confined EP (Hidden Flowers, 2017)
8. Dargar – “Infinite Illusions”
• Los Angeles atmospheric black metal
from The Shores of Space (self-released, 2017)
9. Mantar – “Pest Crusade”
• German black metal doom punk duo
from The Spell EP (Nuclear Blast, 2017)
10. Vanum – “Immortal Will”
• New Mexico black metal duo featuring K. Morgan of Ash Borer and M. Rekevics of Vorde
from Burning Arrow (Profound Lore, 2017)
11. Windswept – “Shrouded in Pale Shining, So Sleeps Infinite Ancient Steppe”
• Ukranian black-metal project formed by Drudkh’s Roman Sayenko
from The Great Cold Steppe (Season of Mist, 2017)
12. 1476 – “Ettins”
• post-black metal from Salem, Mass.
from Our Season Draws Near (Prophecy, 2017)
13. Narcotic Wasteland – “Alcoholic Religious Fanatics”
• extreme death-metal band led by ex-Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade
from Narcotic Wasteland (Megaforce, 2017)
14. Demon Hunter – “One Less”
• Christian metalcore band’s eighth album
from Outlive (Solid State, 2017)
15. The Royal – “Viridian”
• Dutch metallic hardcore
from Seven (Long Branch, 2017)
16. Troubled Horse – “Bleeding”
• Swedish heavy garage-rock
from Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above, 2017)
17. Novembers Doom – “Plague Bird”
• 10th album by Chicago band, one of the oldest still-active doom-metal acts in the U.S.
from Hamartia (The End, 2017)
18. Wormwitch – “Everlasting Lie”
• Vancouver blackened metal
from Strike Mortal Soil (Prosthetic, 2017)
19. Amon Amarth – “Death in Fire”
• Swedish melodic death metal
from Versus the World (Metal Blade, 2003)

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