Apocalyptica’s 7th Symphony: Two Cent Review

Artist: Apocalyptica
Album: 7th Symphony
Label: Jive
Release date: August 24

Not all wines – or bands – get better with age. In March 1997, I had the honor of witnessing the first-ever U.S. live performance by Apocalyptica, opening for the Breeders at New York’s Irving Plaza. Jaws dropped as the Finnish cellists thrashed through spot-on covers of Metallica songs, snapping enough strings to make John Williams cry. Thirteen years later, Apocalyptica are technically still here – although their end may actually have arrived years ago. 7th Symphony continues a sad, five-year progression that has found them recruiting stock vocalists – including, this time around, a downright WTF entry: Gavin Rossdale – for cliché-ridden nü-metal garbage. Blame the Jive A&R guy maybe, but it’s hard to understanding why groveling to modern-rock radio would be a priority for anyone anymore. Beyond those three polluted tracks (the one with Gojira’s Joseph Duplantier gets a bye), the remaining eight are instrumentals that overshadow what originally made Apocalyptica distinct – the acoustic cellos – with excessive doses of electric guitar. The end result is a brand of cheap, histrionic metal that will make mainstreamers long for Trivium’s “The Crusade.” Metallica have found a way to be good again. Apocalyptica, can’t you do the same?

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