John Garcia Announces Kyuss-Covers Tour Plan; ’05 Gig With Josh Homme Is Remembered

All That’s Heavy announced today that John Garcia will be blowing the dust off Kyuss songs on a worldwide tour under the jazzy guise of “Garcia Plays Kyuss.” Flanked by guitarist Bruno Fevery, bassist Jacques de Haard and drummer Rob Snijders, they’ll be cruising through Europe from May 28 through June 11.

Late last year, Garcia announced he’d be playing a similar set at this year’s Roadburn Festival on April 17 in Holland.

“I don’t want to do this just for myself, but especially for the fans,” he said in his Roadburn announcement. “Both for the ones who have seen Kyuss live back in the days as well as for the ones who haven’t had that chance. This could be as close as they could get to the real thing. Please bear in mind that this could be a one-off unique opportunity!”

“Could be” being the operative phrase there, of course.

Surprisingly, today’s announcement doesn’t include mention of Garcia’s unforgettable batch of live Kyuss renditions with Josh Homme a few years back. The seemingly impromptu reunion took place in late December 2005 in Hollywood.

Here’s the review of the gig, written by yours truly: “QOTSA End Year On A High Note: Josh Homme Reunites With Kyuss Singer In L.A.

Meanwhile, this post on Garcia’s MySpace page is collecting song requests. The Bad Penny’s two-cent wish list: “Son of a Bitch,” “I’m Not,” “Apothecaries’ Weight,” “Hurricane,” “One Inch Man” and “El Rodeo,” all co-written by Garcia.

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