Memento: Salme Dahlstrom’s Coffee Overload

Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes, but Salme Dahlstrom’s might explain why she’s as hyper as she can be at times, like in this picture.

In case you didn’t know, Dahlstrom is the first female artist to license every song from an album of hers to a commercial, TV show or film. She writes and produces her own material to boot.

In her submission to “Memento,” the dance artist snapshots an all-too-familiar sight in her life … but with an added twist.


• Bad Penny MP3 download: “Hello California (Phunkae Radio Edit)
• Bad Penny MP3 download: “Hello California (Saint Victim ReMix)

Hungry for more “Mementos”? Open wide:

Wanda Jackson’s personalized card – and a matchbook too
Branden Daniel’s Amazing Technisound Dream Vest
the Moog’s “Special” hairspray
• random rock buttons

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