The Unwinding Hours’ The Unwinding Hours: Two Cent Review

Artist: The Unwinding Hours
Album: The Unwinding Hours
Label: Chemikal Underground
Release date: March 16

Us Americans who wept when Aereogramme rose to heaven two and a half years ago can count ourselves among the few. And the lucky. One of the earliest marquee acts on Chemikal Underground – in the label’s Scottish homeland, at least – Aereogramme were probably perplexed as peers like Mogwai and the Delgados found their niche Stateside. (When they played L.A. for the last time, the venue was practically deserted.) Well, there’s less reason to mourn the death of Aereogramme now, as its two anchors – singer/guitarist Craig B and guitarist/programmer Iain Cook – have reincarnated themselves as the Unwinding Hours. Moody, meandering and melancholic, B and Cook’s new troupe is not terribly unlike their previous iteration – songs like “Peaceful Liquid Shell” will end that debate. And Silversun Pickups fans who particularly approve of the band’s loud/quiet dynamics should look up these guys, too: The Unwinding Hours is as much a collection of tidal-wave-size crescendoes as it is a collection of songs. Like Neptune reeling in the devastation before it gets too catastrophic, B and Cook skillfully dial back at just the right time – before their grand music becomes grandiose. The LP is a skilled effort from start to finish. Welcome back, ace venturers.

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