Barn Burner’s Bangers: Two Cent Review

Artist: Barn Burner
Album: Bangers
Label: Metal Blade
Release date: February 16

To those who regularly suck from the teat of Metal Blade, Bangers is an unusual taste: Label loyalists are bound to think some deviant got his hands on all the copies of the album, crossed out “Tee Pee Records” and wrote in “Metal Blade” instead. Stone(d)-washed with finger-lickin’ riffage and groovy beats, and thoroughly soaked in hard psych, it’s no wonder Barn Burner hail from “Bongtreal, Canada” (as they quip on their MySpace page). The tablet is a solid B-plus effort from start to finish, with frontman K. Keaglesmit earning some extra credit for downright poetic lyrics: “One road takes you higher/ The same road goes nowhere/ In the middle of this island/ Everything makes so much sense,” he sings on “Wizard Island.” Tracks like “Holy Smokes” and “Medium Rare” could not be more aptly named, either – and even the name “Barn Burner” makes you wonder why another metal band didn’t think of it first. The 11 smoldering bangers featured on the record are just about as tight musically, and while Bangers might not become this year’s Gods of the Earth, it’ll at least tide over boogie fans (boogers?) till that new Priestess record drops.

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