Watson Twins’ Talking To You, Talking To Me: Two Cent Review

Artist: The Watson Twins
Album: Talking to You, Talking to Me
Label: Vanguard
Release date: February 9

The Bad Penny’s Two Cents: In a world filled with soulless indie tarts, the Watson Twins stand out like brass rings on a carousel. Casting aside pretension and cuteness – what wastes of time – the twins make sure their music, and their hearts, are always at the wheel. Introduced, more or less, as Jenny Lewis’ honey-tongued pallies three years ago, they’ve already seen many of their own seeds sprout in the form of multiple releases. Their second proper album, Talking, finds the twins Watson moving from the bar to the lounge, drifting away from their usual country/folk comfort zone and slipping into a different one: cool-blue soul. While their Southern Manners EP (2006) and Fire Songs LP (2008) were a pastoral coupling, Talking is more electric than acoustic, more self-assured than wounded, more sexy than demure. Once again, Chandra and Leigh are supplied with some help, including members of My Morning Jacket and Everest, and once again those ancillary musicians fade into the background like so many of the Watsons’ lilting, pitch-perfect harmonies. This is not daytime music by any means; but once night falls, slip into all the velvet you can find, dish up some warm chocolate mousse and prepare for sensuousness.

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