White Wizzard’s Over The Top: Two Cent Review

Artist: White Wizzard
Album: Over the Top
Label: Earache
Release date: February 23

Hell, meet ice: Earache Records, the underground label that waged an unholy war on glam-metal in the late ’80s, is now parenting a band as preposterous as Steel Panther. That head-scratcher aside, it was only a matter of time before someone picked up a bottle of Consort and sprayed new life into hair metal, now that every other strain in the genre has been exhaustively revisited. Like a Republican who calls himself a Libertarian, White Wizzard might get away with being classified as NWOTM (or NWOBHM), but with lyrics that would make cheese melt (“Can you feel the strike of the viper?!”), squeaky-clean production and some of the goofiest imagery in recent metal memory, these Los Angelenos aren’t fooling anybody: This is about as lite as metal gets. It might be hard to keep a straight face listening to 3 Inches of Blood and Into Eternity, but at least they’ve breathed new fire into the wailing falsetto. And if it’s Iron Maiden you’re after, well, then buy some more Maiden albums. Are White Wizzard oblivious to “Spinal Tap” or too keenly aware of the spoof? Either way, consider this another piece of evidence that irony is dead indeed.


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3 Responses to “White Wizzard’s Over The Top: Two Cent Review”

  1. That’s such a poorly written and obviously biased review…you must have it out for these guys .Your an idiot. The tracks I have heard kill. These guys are real deal all the way. The title track of the bands name is amazing. Your a complete wanker with either an agenda or poor taste.

  2. I can’t understand how so many metal ‘reviewers’ automatically discredit a new band/album on the basis that it sounds like something that was done over 20 years ago. On the basis of musicianship and songwriting White Wizzard kick ass. Fair enough they will never be bigger or better than Iron Maiden, but as a massive IM fan I don’t sit around and exclusively listen to IM cds.

    “And if it’s Iron Maiden you’re after, well, then buy some more Maiden albums”

    What a ridiculous statement that only serves to insult the intelligence of the reader. You cock.

  3. Dude, you’re an idiot

    This album is great – christ even the ever so hard to please guys at metal Sucks know the difference between bands like Steel Panther and White Wizzard

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