Cave In’s Planets Of Old: Two Cent Review

Artist: Cave In
Album: Planets of Old (CD EP and DVD)
Label: Hydra Head
Release date: January 26

The Bad Penny’s two cents: Aeronautically obsessed post-hardcore Mass.-ters Cave In signed to a major label in the early ’00s in the hope of breaking through. Instead, they broke up a few years later amid a dwindling fanbase. The band has had ample time to reconfigure itself, but sadly, this comeback expedition finds Cave In still lost in space. Lead track “Cayman’s Tongue” trudges up the same sludge they left us with on 2005’s flawed Perfect Pitch Black, while the poppy “Retina Sees Rewind,” punky “The Red Trail” and snoozer “Air Escapes” feel more like throwaways – or at least B-sides – than adroit attempts at a coherent relaunch. Lucky for Cave In fans who don’t know where the band is going but know where it’s been, there’s a slick DVD slapped onto this re-release of last year’s Planets EP. Crisply shot with multi-camera angles that actually won’t give you a headache, the live videos prove Cave In still had allies at their Boston reunion show last summer. What the DVD doesn’t reflect is how cooly the band was received in L.A. a few months later – and how much work Cave In have to do if they want a legacy that goes beyond their early years.

album stream
Boston Phoenix DVD clip: “Juggernaut

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