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Pete Yorn On Musicforthemorningafter: ‘It’s Too Clean’

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Night owls can expect to see Pete Yorn performing on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight in support of the self-titled album he squeezed out last week. Seems like an opportune time to roll out this vintage, never-before-online interview I conducted with him on March 9, 2003. Continue reading

Liz Phair Was ‘Heartbroken’ Over Missing Exile In Guyville Master Tapes

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With the “Matador at 21” extravaganza set to start later today, here’s another archival interview with one of the featured performers: Liz Phair. Conducted April 30, 2003, she talked about her then-upcoming self-titled release with Capitol; her Matador-issued debut, Exile in Guyville (“obviously my most important work”); and being “heartbroken” after the master tapes for that record were misplaced by Matador, Capitol – or someone else. Continue reading

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo In 2002: ‘I Think I Had A Falling Out With The Fans’

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“I still get the feeling that everyone’s pissed off and frustrated with us because we don’t sound like we did in 1993,” Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo told me on April 13, 2002. Going through one of the most tumultuous periods of its career, the bandmembers – who had recently fired their manager, and were bucking their PR and A&R reps at Geffen – had just “reclaimed control of ours lives,” in the words of Cuomo. Continue reading