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Treefort 2023 Profile: New Brunswick’s Motherhood

Posted in Interviews with tags , on 03/12/2023 by korzeck

Most artists we’ve featured so far in this series on international bands playing Treefort Music Fest will step into Idaho for the first time when Boise’s music extravaganza runs from March 22, through Sunday, March 26.

But avant-rock trio Motherhood is an exception to that rule, as they’re playing Treefort for the third time this year.

The entire band — bassist/keyboardist Penny Stevens, drummer Adam Sipkema and guitarist/vocalist Brydon Crain — all generously set aside time to talk with the Bad Penny about Treefort and their experiences at the festival so far. The trio also revealed it didn’t know about Idaho until committing to participate in the festival the first time around.

Additionally, and they also shared an anecdote for the ages: Discussing marine biology while they soaked in a hot tub with their friends in garage-rock band (and Treefort alums) Serpentfoot.

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