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Treefort 2023 Profile: Vancouver’s Mauvey

Posted in Interviews with tags , on 03/05/2023 by korzeck

Born in Ghana and currently residing in Vancouver, Mauvey’s life story is as wide-ranging as tastes in music, which span alt-pop, hip-hop and soul. But there’s a through line to his story, and it’s a hideous one: “My whole life, I have faced the unimaginable torture of racism. It has been unyielding and suffocating,” Mauvey said in a statement while reflecting on his life.

While no one would want to shoulder that burden, what makes Mauvey a magical artist is his desire — and success — at molding the perfect response to hate. Rather than focus his art around the abuse he’s faced throughout his life, the artist counters hardships with positivity. Call it turning the other check, taking a stand or whatever you will — Mauvey uses his opportunity at the mic to create a rising tide lifting everyone who listens. Expect nothing less when he performs at Treefort Music Fest in a couple of weeks.

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