We Saw Spirit Mother Play Live — And So Should You, Motherfuckers

It’s not clear what Boise did to deserve two heart-pounding performances in one year by Spirit Mother. They are one of the best new psych-rock bands on the West Coast — which is saying a lot, given that it’s currently the favored strain of indie music from Seattle to San Diego.

The Bad Penny had the honor of speaking with frontman Armand Lance before Spirit Mother headlined a gig at Neurolux on June 9. And last night, we had the equally great opportunity to finally watch them do what they do best: cause the jaws of dozens of music fans to collectively drop.

It’s hard enough for a band to bring out a sizable audience in Boise. Those of us who caught Anvil play at the Olympic over the summer still lament that the legendary metal group played to a smaller number of people than the amount of years they’ve been a band.

But Spirit Mother’s show in June must have made a strong enough impression that many of the attendees came out to see them again — and probably with a friend as well — at the Olympic.

Spirit Mother’s Spirited Set Sent Boise Into a Tizzy

From their first lick of their opening song, “Tonic (Exodus Inc.),” Spirit Mother had everyone in the venue in the palm of their hand. And by virtue of the band’s flawless execution of masterfully written, melodic psych-rock, the members of the crowd didn’t dare leave their station in the crowded bar.

Over the entirety of their generous, 11-song set, Spirit Mother — who actually opened the show for King Buffalo — were a sight to behold. As an unusually fierce rain storm battered the sidewalk, street and passersby outside the venue, the crowd showered the band with a deluge of cheers and applause at the end of each song.

Most people who are passionate about music would agree that there’s no better experience than seeing a band at the top of their game play live. The majority of music groups experience a good run at some point in their career, but more often than not, it doesn’t last all that long in relation to the band’s lifespan.

Spirit Mother, on the other hand, proved on Tuesday night that their golden age might last for a very long time. With songcraft far too advanced for a band so young, an onstage presence with just the right amount of bravado, and an undeniably evident love for playing live, Spirit Mother made a strong case that to miss them in concert would amount to psych-rock sacrilege.

Spirit Mother’s set list at the Olympic in Boise on November 8, 2022:

1. “Tonic (Exodus Inc.)”
2. “Ether”
3. “Dead Cells”
4. “Go Getter”
5. “Martyrs”
6. “Voyeur”
7. “Emerald”
8. “Trails”
9. “Locusts”
10. “Black Sheep”
11. “Space Cadets”

Read The Bad Penny’s interview with Spirit Mother frontman Armand Lance right here.

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