Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Thinkin’ About You’ by Joshua Lewis

For 10 years, music engineer Joshua Lewis twiddled the knobs in recording studios, helping Boise artists bring their songs to fruition. But last year, he finally walked around the soundboards and began recording his own music.

When he was finished, the singer/songwriter delivered Too Soft, a loving look back at the bygone era when Steely Dan and bands of their ilk ruled the AOR airwaves.

Much to the surprise — and delight — of audiophiles seeking more waves of layered instrumental comfort from Lewis, he announced the quick completion of a follow-up record.

That sophomore effort, Friction, is due November 11 via Earth Libraries (the same label that issued his debut).

Lewis generously gave The Bad Penny the opportunity to exclusively premiere one of the songs from the upcoming record: a track called “Thinkin’ About You.” As luck would have it, the gentle soul also handed us an accompanying video.

“This song addresses every crush or relationship I’ve ever had in my life,” Lewis told The Bad Penny earlier this month. “It tries to pinpoint the moment when you feel there may be something between you and someone you have a crush on. You want to play it cool, but you’re thinking about the person constantly. I don’t hear a lot of songs addressing that feeling.”

If you detect the presence of the Police in the song, you’re on target. Lewis noted the similarity between “Thinkin’ About You” and 1983’s “Every Breath You Take.”

“I always liked how simple that song is, with the guitar, pedal and bass all playing muted notes,” Lewis said of the Police tune. “I heard that same exact thing when I came up with the piano part.”

However, the pleasant sounds of the piano, easygoing drum beat and touching harmonies belie what’s happening underneath.

“Verse-wise, it’s a little bit self-sabotaging,” Lewis revealed. “In the bridge, I say, ‘I know I can’t be the one — but you’re the only one.’ It’s a scenario where you have the devil on one of your shoulders and an angel on the other.”

Stay tuned to The Bad Penny for a deeper exploration into Friction, courtesy of the interview that Lewis generously provided.

Till then, stay soft.

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