Best Albums Of 2019: Tool, Idle Hands, Immortal Bird, Destrage, Enisum

1. ToolFear Inoculum (Volcano/RCA)
2. Idle Hands – Mana (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)
3. Immortal BirdThrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin)
4. DestrageChosen One (Metal Blade)
5. Devil MasterSatan Spits on Children of Light (Relapse)
6. EnisumMoth’s Illusion (Avantgarde)
7. VanumAgeless Fire (Profound Lore)
8. InsomniumHeart Like a Grave (Century Media)
9. Together to the StarsAn Oblivion Above (Northern Silence Productions)
10. UltarPantheon MMXIX (TOT)

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