The Violent Sleep Of Reason Episode 5, 4.19.17

Varg’s Götterdämmerung album cover

The Bad Penny’s new program through Radio Free America, “The Violent Sleep of Reason,” focuses on new and upcoming heavy-metal releases. The show’s fifth installment featured new cuts by VargNecrowretchAll HellTombs, Suffocation and Coltsblood.

Listen to the fifth edition of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

The program airs early Wednesday mornings from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Mountain Time in the U.S. It also airs live online here.

Listen to past editions of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

Below are the songs played on the fourth show, with a few notes about each track — and some free downloads too. For Radio Boise’s list of the songs along with air times, go here and click on “The Violent Sleep of Reason.”


1. Varg“Götterdämmerung”
• Varg says: This is your party-playlist for doom’s day. Let nature take over and find yourself alone in the woods, torn apart by hungry wolves as lunatic Pagan hymns like “Hel” rise from the undergrowth.”
• off Götterdämmerung EP (Napalm, 4.14)

2. Necrowretch – “Satanic Slavery”
• Band says: “Riffs burn like hellfire and drums drive at break-neck speed while ungodly vocal screams bay paeons of the profane.”
• off Satanic Slavery (Season of Mist, 4.14)

3. All Hell – “I Am the Mist”
• Band says: The record is a twelve-track, narrative-driven, horror-based concept album that weaves a tale of alchemy, necromancy, and vampirism over the span of three centuries.”
• off The Grave Alchemist (Prosthetic, 4.14)

4. Nightbringer – “Serpent Sun”
• Colorado black metal
• from Terra Dannata (Fifth Colvmn, 4.14)

5. Shores of Null – “Tributary Waters”
• Press release says: Their music is a wistful-yet-powerful cascade of riffs, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time, trading off between gothic-doom vibes and blackened Aggression, with epic melancholy-ridden vocal patterns.”
• off Black Drapes for Tomorrow (Candlelight/Spinefarm, 4.14)

6. Novembers Doom – “Zephyr”
• 10th album by Chicago band, one of the oldest still-active doom-metal acts in the U.S.
• off Hamartia (The End, 4.14)

7. Hellwell – “Lightwave”
• Kansas heavy prog doom side project of Mark “The Shark” Shelton from Manilla Road
• off Behind the Demon’s Eyes (High Roller, 4.14)

8. Coltsblood – “Mortal Wound”
• Liverpool doom trio’s second album, recorded in last year’s summer solstice
• off Ascending (Candlelight/Spinefarm, 4.14)

9. Enterprise Earth – “Mortum Incarnatum”
• Washington state six-piece deathcore
• off Embodiment (Stay Sick, 4.14)

10. Loathe – “Dance on My Skin”
• Liverpool experimental metal band
• off The Cold Sun (SharpTone, 4.14)

11. Epi-Demic – “Famine”
• Calgary three-piece thrash crossover band’s second album
• off Malformed Conscience (Horror Pain Gore Death, 4.14)

12. Oceans Are Zeroes – “Fugue State”
• Boise band of the week
• off s/t album (self-released, 4.17)

13. Naudiz – “Garmr”
• Label calls them “one of the best-kept secrets in the black metal underground,” and I agree
• off Wulfasa Kunja (Iron Bonehead, 4.14)

14. Pyriphlegethon – “The Serpent’s Tongue”
• Dutch black metal
• off The Murky Black of Eternal Night (Iron Bonehead, 4.14)

15. Katakomb – “Chained to a Wolf”
• Swedish progressive black metal
• off Chained to a Wolf TAPE (4.14, Iron Bonehead)

16. Rotting Christ – “Khronos”
• Greek extreme goth-metal gods
• off Khronos reissue (Sleaszy Rider, 4.13; originally released in 2000)

17. Nathorg – “Satan.Sex.Sin”
• Iranian black metal
• off Torch Holder Ov Death (Sleaszy Rider, 4.13)

18. Mastodon – “Steambreather”
New album debuts at #7 in The Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart
• off Emperor of Sand (Reprise, 3.31)

19. Karma to Burn – “Sixty”
• playing at Neurolux 4.25 with The Obsessed, Fatso Jetson
• from Mountain Czar (Rodeostar/SPV, 2016)

20. Tombs – “Cold”
Brooklyn blackened post-metal band’s fourth album, first for Metal Blade, produced by Erik Rutan
• off The Grand Annihilation (Metal Blade, 6.16)

21. Suffocation “Your Last Breaths”
New York death metal legends
• off … Of the Dark Light (Nuclear Blast, 6.9)

22. Dragonforce – “Judgement Day”
• London video game metal with new Italian drummer
• off Reaching Into Infinity (Metal Blade, 5.19)

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