Cover Me: Dearling Physique’s Deadeye Dealer

Minneapolis’ R&B-ish electro-pop squad Dearling Physique recently released a new single. Which artists would they most like to hear cover it? For that matter, which artists would they most like to hear cover every song on their forthcoming new record? Two members of the band chimed in for the latest installment in the Bad Penny’s “Cover Me” series.

Dearling Physique’s self-released Deadeye Dealer – which is as creepy as it is catchy – doesn’t drop until January 11 (yes, the fated 1/11/11). In order to get the underground salivating, the band – which has toured with Bat for Lashes, Saul Williams and more – unveiled the album’s first single, “Discipline Your Hands,” two weeks ago.

It sounds a little somethin’ like this:

• Bad Penny download: Dearling Physique’s “Discipline Your Hands

Below, frontman Domino Davis details who he’d most like to hear cover that song – and every other one featured on Deadeye Dealer. Guitarist Matt Vannelli also chimes in with his picks.


“Can’t Say No” – Wild Beasts

“Can’t Say No” is my R&B overture to Deadeye Dealer. The real nature of this concept is not as evident in the album recording as it is during our live rendition, though it comes close. The Wild Beasts obviously have impeccable vocal training (particularly Hayden Thorpe), and I feel they would be able to hit on the essence of what the meaning behind this song is quite well. Their arrangements are lush and pristine.

“Obsession Kills” – Joy Division

With “Obsession Kills,” we cover a great deal of musical textures over a very short four minutes. While many genres are present, I believe Matt’s guitar work is what stands out. Like a roaring engine determined to be heard through a sea of humming woes. Joy Division would sound great here.

“Monster” – Portishead

In the early stages of “Monster,” the programming that I had made reminded us of Portishead’s “Machine Gun” in its repetition and aggressiveness. “Monster” eventually took another direction, but Portishead could undoubtedly expand on the initial idea and make it into something beautiful.

“Waste” – Autechre

This song was created for Autechre to dissect. Simple as that.

“Your Condition” – Planningtorock

Janine Rostron has this amazing ability to channel a number of characters with her voice and through her colorful compositions. “Your Condition” was designed to be a conversation held by one person, so I imagine Janine would have a very unique interpretation.

“Oh This Currency” – John Legend

“Oh This Currency” is another attempt at R&B. John Legend is a master of his craft, and I’d love to hear his interpretation.

“Sleep and the Heart” – The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces’ Blueberry Boat is one of my favorite albums of all time. What a complete mind-fuck, though gorgeous in its storytelling and execution. “Sleep and the Heart” is intentionally disjointed. I wonder how Matthew Friedberger would assemble someone else’s twisted puzzle?

“Hooks for Safety” – Beyoncé

I’m impressed by the creation of Beyoncé’s layers and harmonies.

“Teenage Romance” – M83

Anthony Gonzalez was on my mind when I made this song.

“Discipline Your Hands” – Roisin Murphy

It’s a shame that Moloko is no longer (for my own selfish wants and needs), but Roisin Murphy is no less of a powerhouse on her own. Every song on the album Overpowered is flawless. “Discipline Your Hands” has a great many purposes, one of which is to persuade Roisin that Domino should produce a song for her in the very near future.


“Can’t Say No” – David Byrne

“Obsession Kills” – David Bowie w/Reeves Gabrels

I absolutely love Reeves’ guitar playing, especially when he was with Bowie. This song screeches and makes me feel calm, yet uncomfortable. That’s what Bowie’s music does to me, and I mean that as a compliment.

“Monster” – Sonic Youth

“Your Condition” – Tom Waits

“Oh This Currency” – Slowdive

“Sleep and the Heart” – Kate Bush

“Hooks for Safety” – Peter Gabriel

To me, when an artist chooses to sincerely cover a song, it strikes me as the ultimate form of flattery. I fell in love with what he’s done throughout his career and would be throwing up with joy if he’d even acknowledge what we’re doing. For some reason, this song seems the most likely candidate for PG to have a go at.

“Discipline Your Hands” – Digital Underground

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