Guilty Pleasures: Humanfly On Prince, Blur, Ice Cube, More

Post-hardcore prog-metallers Humanfly are drumming up some sick praise with their third record, Darker Later (Brew). Kerrang! bestowed five Ks on the slab, which arrives Stateside on November 9, and Terrorizer and Rocksound have been eating it up too. In anticipation of the release, the Bad Penny got frontman John Sutcliffe to lay down his guard for Guilty Pleasures, a new feature. Jaws may drop as the Leeds lad reveals a handful of artists you’d never guess he’d be into.

Here are Sutcliffe’s top five Guilty Pleasures, in the order in which he presented them:

Prince: I own every album [of his] and have loved the guy since I was a young ‘un. Purple Rain is the best soundtrack ever, and the dude is a guitar legend! I saw him on the 3121 tour, where he played all his mega-hits. It was lush.

Blur: The first album, Leisure, is completely bulletproof, and the last two [13 and Think Tank] were really nice also. Not too arsed about Parklife and all that cockney wank they did, though.

Ice Cube: Lethal Injection and The Predator are ace and can’t be fucked with. He’s well better than Ice-T or Vanilla Ice. His laid-back G-funk grooves are lovely.

Stone Roses: Both albums rip it up for different reasons, the first [The Stone Roses] for taking my mind to a new level of higher consciousness, and the second [Second Coming] is a riff-o-rama!

Devo: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, Freedom of Choice and Oh, No! It’s Devo fill my heart with playful joy. Our friend and practice-room owner, Jay, is their official photo man and shot their most recent video too. I don’t own the new record [Something for Everybody] yet … is it good?

If you’ve got an answer to his last question, let Sutcliffe know by dropping a comment on this post. And don’t forget to nab Humanfly’s Darker Later on their Bandcamp page.

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