Bad Penny MP3s: Best Of 2010, Part III – Superchunk, Lovers, Robert Pollard, Women, More

With the first day of autumn only 10 days away, here’s a new batch of chestnuts for yer ears.

Like installments one and two, this roundup picks the best downloads offered on the Bad Penny New Music Releases Schedule.

But this time around, most of the related releases haven’t dropped – or, as Doug Benson would say, “plopped” – yet. So there.

Blood Red Shoes‘ “Light It Up
• Frills, begone. Here’s raucous rah-rah rock for the rest of us.
• From Fire Like This (10.5, V2/Nice)

Brass Bed‘s “Pop Mission
• Static-filled garage-rock from the other LA – Louisiana.
• From Melt White (9.21, Park the Van)

Broken Water‘s “Normal Never Happened
• What the Raveonettes might sound like if they weren’t so detached.
• From “Normal Never Happened” 7-inch (8.20, Fan Death)

Cashes Rivers‘ “As I Drift
• “I’d like an order of passionate, grandiose indie-folk, please. But hold the cheese.”
• From Cashes Rivers (10.26, Aqui Estamos)

Lovers‘ “Figure 8
• New synth-pop that actually has soul? What’s next, Christian metal?
• From Dark Light (10.12, Badman)

Nuclear Power Pants‘ “Screwdriver
• A disassembled version of the Rentals, with all the guts spilled out.
• From Wicked Eats the Warrior (9.28, Anchor Brain)

Oberhofer‘s “I Could Go
• Good audio therapy for introverted, emotionally stunted elementary-school kids.
• From “o0O0o0O0o” 7-inch (8.24, self-released)

Robert Pollard‘s “Moses on a Snail
• A five-and-a-half-minute Pollard song – with two extended jams? Believe your ears.
• From Moses on a Snail (7.6, Guided by Voices Inc.)

Shuteye Unison‘s “Our Future Selves
• Reminiscent of the more ethereal moments on Silversun Pickups’ Carnavas.
• From Our Future Selves (11.16, Parks and Records)

Six Finger Satellite‘s “Love.Like.Machine.
• Wouldn’t be surprising if this early-’90s song inspired that drug commercial with the eggs in the frying pan.
• From The Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette reissue (8.10, Anchor Brain)

Superchunk‘s “Digging for Something
• Are they digging for the same “things” they were throwing 19 years ago?
• From Majesty Shredding (9.14, Merge)

Weed‘s “Quilt
• Criminally melodic fuzz. The only shame here is that we still haven’t gotten a full-length from this guy yet.
• From DC Hope EP (7.13, Moongadget)

Selene Vigil-Wilk‘s “I Brought the Rain With Me
• Leave it to the ex-7 Year Bitch singer to make a new Perry Farrell song that’s actually worth listening to.
• From That Was Then (9.14, Tuck and Roll)

Women‘s “Eyesore
• Here’s proof that this band is doing the ’60s-psych-revival thing better than just about anyone else.
• From Public Strain (9.28, Jagjaguwar)

Wow & Flutter‘s “Scars
• Would’ve fit comfortably on Pavement’s Watery, Domestic EP.
• From Equilibrio! (10.19, Mt. Fuji)


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